The Passing Of Stanley Joseph Howard, R I P.

Today I read in my favourite newspaper the Sydney Daily Telegraph of the passing of Stanley Joseph Howard the  elder sibling of former PM' Wee little John Howard.
According to the eulogies read at Stanley J Howard's funeral , good old Stan was a successful Corporate Lawyer and Lover of Cricket. Maybe the fearful news of the ascending power of England's  cricketers recently thrashing India; sent him over the edge.
Now for you lovers of pollies and corporate loophole larry's, it may come as a surprise to you that Big brother Stanley was not always a squeaky clean manipulator of the law, I was reminded of the post which I wrote back in 2006, when a list of 'Good old Stans 'nefarious activities were exposed. Read on.

BTW. Sydney Daily Telegraph take note. In the lotto results today there is a major cockup.
Numbers read,  !3  31  40  2  25  35, supps, 20 & 35.. Can you spot the error?

Wednesday, 18 January 2006


The Australian Prime Ministers brother Stan Howard, will be prosecuted for chopping down dozens of endangered trees.
Stan Howard who owns two adjoining properties in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, faces a jail term or a hefty fine if found guilty of knowingly giving the chop to the threatened species on his Aus$6.2 million property.
The caretaker of the property Rohan Corby was visited by a local Ranger after a tipoff, who discovered about 60 trees had been destroyed.
Stan Howard it seems was dobbed in by a woman neighbour who had waited years for permission to cut down a small number of trees on her property she regarded a fire risk.
Rohan Corby stated that the work carried out by a contractor was to lessen fire and snake risk and control the Rabbit population.
Stan Howard told the ranger he thought the contractor knew that the work was legally carried out. 'This is not the case said the ranger' and the Australian Prime Minister's elder sibling was prosecuted and faces at least a year in the slammer or a Aus$110,000 Fine; or both. This is not the first time the brother of our Draft Dodging Chicken Hawk Prime Minister has landed in the poo. In 2000 National textiles collapsed under his chairmanship with debts exceeding Aus$29 million. The tax payers via the Fed Govt forked out Four million bucks in outstanding payments to 340 former employees.
Just another out sourcing job by greedy corporate pigs. It is more the pity we are unable to outsource Excess Useless and Uneconomical blood sucking politicians who allow their cronies to drain the public purse.
My dilemma at the polling booth is, that my wallet wants to vote Blue and my concience Red.
PS: I wonder if our little short arsed wimp of a PM will visit his big brudder in the slammer, would be quite amusing.


Anonymous said...
I hope he does not escape the drudgery of prison life by having his FILE ofax accompanying him
you replied to me the other day that you got stoned. i didn't know aussies smoked weed!?! that's totally fucking rad man!
The mental images this invokes are great. What do you think of John Howard, Vest? :)
Miranda: I try hard not to think of John Howard the career politician, I have personally crossed swords with that slimy snake.
Shortly before the Sept 11 incident, a minder of JH was aked by an American Journo
"ER the name of your PM is Mr Hunt is it not"
"No mate " came the reply,"But you nearly had it right".
For info only, I shall not be available, from now until Feb 10 06.
The Zombieslayersaid...
Just another out sourcing job by greedy corporate pigs. It is more the pity we are unable to outsource Excess Useless and Uneconomical blood sucking politicians who allow their cronies to drain the public purse.

What a bummer that your country is doing this too. So I guess it's not just American corporations that are so greedy that they'll sell out their own people for a quick buck. :(
hey that statement by the yank journalist. reminds me of the film 'porkies'when the dumb blonde walked around the bar asking 'Has anyone seen Mike hunt'
Yeah Gordon- saw two porky movies abit far fetched like shit from china


CA USA. said…
So you too have a corporate crook inc in australia. weve had one for years in the US.
River said…
I spotted the lotto numbers mistake.

As for politicians and lawyers, they can all get....
Anonymous said…
Dont you have any christian principals and respect for the dead,shame.
Vest said…
Thank you River for your comment.
Vest said…

I do have in me some of the more realistic principles,. however,most of my former archaic secular beliefs vanished after reading Darwin.
Respect for the dead. hmm let's say yes for those you personally knew and loved. but not so those who fed high on the hog and left people penniless.
Also add Adolf Hitler and his cronies, would you respect them in death?

Have a tearful day.
I am surprised that the lotto numbers mistake was even possible.
I am not suprised that little Johnny's big brother also thought that he was above the law.
Vest said…
Elephants Child: Thankyou for your comment.

The lotto Faux Pas was the fault of the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

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