Yet another Faux Pas at our Local News

Over the past few years several uncalled for situations have happened in our local news agency. foot in mouth statements like" we don't get many sales for sixty first wedding anniversary cards and do you know how much you are spending on Lotto have been among other little quips suggesting being old I must be bloody stupid.
Today it was 8-30 AM when I reluctantly removed my self from my warm bed to dash to the freezing  bathroom, It is winter here in sunny Budgewoi on the Central Pacific Coast of NSW OZ.
After Brekky and five Min's on my PC I prepared Dinner for today, read today's Sydney Daily Telegraph (delivered daily to my door) then later fed the wild birds and watered the garden.
Being told my wife Rosemary was thinking of taking a walk to the local shops, I presented her with our Lotto Winning coupons with a note which read '$90-75 TO COLLECT. THEN PUT SAME NUMBERS  BACK ON FOR MON WED and SAT.Thank you..
Shortly after I received a telephone call from the news agency when a female voice stated there is no money in the folder. I was cheesed off and stated The obvious, that the note indicates we have won and there is no need for money to  renew the punt for next week using the same numbers, But then I put my foot in it by saying "Even a rocking horse would understand that" , then the phone went dead her end...Shortly after my wife returned  home to inform me that the girl in the News agency was in tears when she left with the matter resolved.
Now I must ask myself should I apologise and bang my head on the wall as punishment or should I shop elsewhere or simply let it all go away.
OK Then; right or wrong I'll say "SORRY, And that will I hope Finish this silly Saga.

Vest back Soon.


Anonymous said…
Vest said…
Anonymous: Seems you too haven't much to do but whine as well, hardly anything constructive within your comment.
Actually there are other things I do which fill my waking rpt waking hours at home, Cleaning Mowing Gardening Washing Cooking Shopping driving and car maintenance and caring for my wife who is beginning to lose it.
You see I don't have a great deal of time to deal with stupidity or retailers who cannot perceive simple instruction.
Also at the age of 88 I am a good provider. I am still able to know how to say sorry and mean it. How about you 'Invisible one'.
(_x_).And BTW I do not wish to know who you are even if you reveal yourself.
If sorry is going to make future dealings with the newsagency easier it is probably worth it. I assume that it the most convenient one to use?
Infuriating but worth it.
River said…
an apology will go a long way, but really, the girl should have paid out the winnings then put the tickets back through. At least she could have entered the winning coupons, said there is $xxxx and did Rosemary want the cash or will she be putting more coupons on? That's what our agent does. I recently won $25.50 myself and the agent stated the amount, then said will that be all today? indicating I could take the cash or use the amount to purchase further coupons. I put the same numbers through again, then took the change and bought milk and cat food.

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