Finally you must always be happy

            The catastrophe of the Caliphate.

     The Caliphate means absolute rule by a religious dictator. One Man holds the power to interpret and implements God's will
     Living under  such rule has historically proven traumatic to all concerned. ISIS  appears to be no exception - as it embraces a medieval (Plus Evil)  interpretation of the Muslim Sharia law..
     Incidentally these are the Blokes Alqaeda cut ties with because they were too extreme. The civil population of Ninevah in Iraq are now subject to ISIS, who have already begun executing its opponents, reports of Crucifixion's abound, women must be covered at all times and accompanied by a male relative . All drugs are banned  and graves are forbidden. caught stealing you lose your right hand (Left if you are a Mollydooker).  Question the Caliph's authority and you will be crucified.
     Finally you must always be happy.

Vest Say's..... Leave undone whatever you hesitate to do.......Back soon

BTW, It has rained at last, so now it is both wet and cold.!!


Amy ...Swansea said…
In a few weeks you will be hot and sweaty.
Yay for rain. Predicted here over the weekend. Fingers and toes crossed.
Malcolm, UK said…

An Englishman has started his own business in Afghanistan. He is making land Mines that look like prayer mats. It’s doing well. Prophets are going through the roof!!

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