The abscence of Kindness.

   Not a day passes when we hear of another event taking place that  shakes our faith in humanity. sometimes it is another conflict between nations but mostly it is occurring on our own streets. Rapes , bashings, drive by shootings. Drug and alcohol fuelled bashings  have become second rate news as common as parliamentarians lies - crookery and sex exploits.
Listing these happenings would never end, but home invasions where innocent and vulnerable aged persons are beaten senseless for their meagre possession's by persons with drug habits is on the increase.
It is also a sad fact that domestic violence takes many different forms but there is one factor constant throughout: There is never any excuse for it .
Assaulting one's partner is becoming more common too this is  unthinkable to level headed persons and yet because it has become more common, it is usually overlooked as simply a domestic disagreement  usually sorted out by a cuddle between the sheets.
The problem is, little can be done to prevent the outcome of these types of violence which are mainly spontaneous. Only the due process of our laws can be applied in extreme cases , but the kiss and make up method may be a better way.


Anonymous said…
The presumed statement in the 2nd paragraph of your recent letter to relatives in the UK, identifies the true feeliings of the person uttering the statement not necesarilly the person he suggested.
A verbal grenade indeed. UK relative.
Vest said…
Anon U/K Relative.
Have been aware of my position within the pecking order for years and the assumed assessment of my person. However,diplomacy is not the preoccupation of bored nit picking disconnected fishheads.
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Happy Easter,xxxxx.
Vest said…
Please, no more on the matter of the letter to U/K relatives. all resolved.
Vest said…
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Wallabies Roo's in Nappies (Diapers) What's next, ...":

Everyone posting here is a vegetarian? If not, you are a hypocrite!
Vest said…
The previous comment was dragged here from a post I did in May 2007.
Some of the comments were from people not heard from in years.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
I prefer the 'Kiss and Make up' solution and my next best or equal is getting between the sheets.

Googled the Wallabies Roo's in nappies(diapers) What next. 2007 very interesting, Mike.
Debbie. said…
Hi Uncle Les and Auntie Rose,
I was mortified to see your email regarding comments made by dad yesterday. I did not know of these, but suggest that if Uncle Dick has made an offer to you, it is because he wants to. I would ignore the offending comments, I don't think dad would have intentionally mean't to cause any upset or ill feeling. We would offer to help you out, if we could, but as you know, John is awaiting a double transplant and our lives are in limbo, as we don't know when we will get that "call"
I hope you are both well and look forward to seeing you if you are able to visit later in the year.

Lots of love
Deb xxxxx

Christine. said…
Hi Uncle Les,

I phoned Dad this afternoon, must have been just after you phoned him, as you know he is only too happy for you to stay with him for the Portsmouth part of your visit and also to drive you around for visits etc. My offer also still stands if you need collecting or returning to Heathrow and if you can withstand the excitement of a trip to Dover you are very welcome, it was a treat to have you stay the last time you were over.
It's a shame Chris won't be coming, we got on well and would have been lovely to see him again. Give my love to him and of course to you and Auntie Rose, take care,

Lots of love Chris xxxxx
Vest said…
I shall have to put 'R' 'Over my knee and give her a good spanking, ha ha, for creating this minor storm in her scotch glass,.
Apologies to Mr 83 for any misconception to his conversation to 'R'.
WALLY. said…
My mum says 'when there is no more to be said some fool says it'

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