Dirty Stinking Asian Restaurants. Again.

This is the third time I have mentioned this problem, my previous post on this matter Google

daily gaggle.com: An old chestnut but worth reviewing.. Filthy Asian ...

Sep 8, 2011 – Filthy Asian Restaurants again. Rarely out of contention for a good stir up, the eateries where people choose to dine either by choice or with ...
Vermin including Cockroaches, rats, and Miscellaneous rubbish  becoming involved with  diners meals. this is an ongoing situation where authorities will never win as inspections of these food outlets is too infrequent. but profits from these dodgy nosh dens can easily take care of the fines they incur. 
My first hand knowledge in a part time second job providing Muscle backup for health inspectors in Hong Kong many years ago  was another source of income but high in values such as entertainment in general, my knowledge gleaned from these H/K escapades have me convinced what  is going on in our Asian restaurants needs addressing soonest rather than later, mind you if you are able to turn a blind eye and more so when fuelled by alcohol when pretending to be a chop stick expert to  your friends, all more fool you.. here is a tip for the unwary , 'There are no such things as left overs, they return to feed another drunk and if he becomes full the left over come back again , nothing is thrown out except packaging.
Rats Cockroaches and food prepared on the floor have earned five councils the dishonour of being home to the state's dirtiest kitchens. Yass Valley, Kogarah, Ashfield and Willoughby have some of the states worst eateries, Strathfield being the worst. Few Asian restaurants have escaped fines for various breaches of the laws governing cleanliness, most are tarred with the same traditional brush and the uncertainty of what is on you plate will remain for those who wish to continue eating crap.
Bon appetite. Vest.


C A. USA. said…
Most asian food restaurants will find this post offensive .it is degrading and nasty.
Vest said…
CA: Well yank my doodle its a dandy.

The Unilateral law having the freedom to offend is an integral component of freedom of speech.
There is no right not to be offended.
For those unaware CA is an employee at a Mortuary in Unclesamland.
Anonymous said…
He could be rcycling stiffs for asia foostores

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