(Post 1064) Unwanted Porcine Pets.

Read recently that anything your pet pooch can do a pig can do better. What springs to mind is the memory of the former neighbour whose hound left scores of calling cards in his back yard and the subsequent pong was  a bit on the nose. However, the rise in popularity for pig pets is increasing due to the 'Babe' movie, the premise of the movie was the porkers supposed intelligence, some of his porcine plots showed more intelligence that could be gleaned from a naval wardroom.
Choosing a pet miniature pig in preference to a dog.  It can be said the pig does not bark jump fences or have fleas and can be hosed down daily to keep it fresh so to speak, doing that to a dog can become complicated.
Meeting people: Taking pinky or perky for walkies, I can't  think of a better way to meet nice people unless you are a celebrity. however similar rules apply to piggies when is comes little calls of nature accidents.
There could be pitfalls for the unwary when purchasing your pet porker. Babe for instance  was not a miniature pig but a 'Large White' which  can grow to a huge size if allowed . A farmer in my village years ago in Merry England was mucking out the pig pen (sty) which housed several large Saddle back pigs when he had a heart attack and died, his hungry porkers eventually ate him.
Dogs kittens and piggies given as pets at yuletide can become boring to some people, however, if you are not too squeamish you can avoid the pitfall of losing at your club's next Xmas pork and ham raffle by fattening up your piggy with leftovers, come Christmas there will be enough of him to get you and your neighbours some 'Pork on your forks.'
If you happen to be Taiwanese (Formosan) pork on yer fork applies too; as well as Mog & and Dog on yer chopsticks.
Bon Appetite. Back soon, Vest.


Lower deck lawyer. said…

Very droll - 'What's this-Pigs in the wardroom'I suppose you recall the film 'Up the Creek' about 1960.
was it banned in Navy establishments due to the derogatory title of navy officers referred to as pigs?
Vest said…
Mike: Dunno about it being banned, I recall seeing the movie but where and when ???
The term Pig or grunters was a common expression used by men on the lower deck, particularly when having a bad Trot as in trotter I suppose.
During my mess deck days in the Royal Navy, the officers dinner call on the bugle was often followed by the comment 'Pigs to the Trough'.
Subby Gdn Island. said…
What we officers called the lower deck oafs would also offend most people on the lower deck.
Vest said…
Hi Subby: Haven't got much time in yet have you? a bit green to the sea and still have bum fluff.
Whatever the grunters call lower deck ratings could not be any worse than your piggy titles, even more so if your name is Abdul.
corporalpunishment.com said…
It gives credence to the theory - pigs can fly if a member of the fleet air arm.

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