Wednesday, 23 January 2013

OZ Strayan Bumbling Mumblers will be trained to speak Properly.

Training Train Station Announcers to communicate correctly and be actually understood by the travelling public will cost NSW taxpayers a cool two million bucks. And about time. They are the garbled inaudible station announcements that infuriate train travellers across the state.

I am uncertain if this problem exists in other states or even in other countries but I would not be surprised if it was the case.

"The Trains from the domains are going to Emu plains.".....
" The Train from Uluru is bound for Woolloomooloo"

In the meantime catch a bus or drive..... Vest ...back soon.


Vest said...

Having problems with settings for this post.

Dylan said...

The cost depends if you're referring to voice-training the operators or putting microphones/speakers that actually project audible sound.

WALLY. said...

Dylan its the combo of eyeti greek and strine which people cant understand - not the loud speaker system.

Chris B said...

I can understand them fine

C A. USA. said...

Elocution stuff like 'The trains in Spain go up and down again'

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