OZ Strayan Bumbling Mumblers will be trained to speak Properly.

Training Train Station Announcers to communicate correctly and be actually understood by the travelling public will cost NSW taxpayers a cool two million bucks. And about time. They are the garbled inaudible station announcements that infuriate train travellers across the state.

I am uncertain if this problem exists in other states or even in other countries but I would not be surprised if it was the case.

"The Trains from the domains are going to Emu plains.".....
" The Train from Uluru is bound for Woolloomooloo"

In the meantime catch a bus or drive..... Vest ...back soon.


Vest said…
Having problems with settings for this post.
Dylan said…
The cost depends if you're referring to voice-training the operators or putting microphones/speakers that actually project audible sound.
WALLY. said…
Dylan its the combo of eyeti greek and strine which people cant understand - not the loud speaker system.
Chris B said…
I can understand them fine
C A. USA. said…
Elocution stuff like 'The trains in Spain go up and down again'

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