Arrival of the Wet plus staring death in the face

After the Hot fest of the past weeks followed a failed rain forecast for most days over the past fortnight. It seems my unscheduled trip for a pee at 4AM this morning gave rise to a sudden rainstorm which has continued up until now in the early evening. Three weeks ago I was feeling proud of my crop of Veggies until the Sun killed most of them off,seems the hot weather affected other growers too, parsnips for example are selling for $14-00 per kilo; double in price, however, carrots around a dollar per kilo are still the staples with spuds and onions around a buck fifty.

It seems reaching for a cigarette does not relieve stress - but quitting can, British researchers measured anxiety in almost 500 smokers, with one in five saying they smoked when stressed. those who failed to give up smoking after exhaustive attempts were more stressed. Complaining of severe abdominal pain pre Xmas 1986, my doctor told me it was due to smoking and suggested I could die within three months should I continue. The doc's medical prescription cured the pain and his advice cured my smoking habit. A few weeks later he told me it was standard procedure and worked most of the time except for the stupid and those beyond help. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. Vest. Back soon.


Amy ..Swansea. said…
We are about 30 klms up the road from you but we have a large glass house mostly for toms and exotics. what do you grow?
Vest said…
Amy: Mostly Swedes Turnips Parsnips and Pumpkin, middle cost range veggies.
Broccoli Cabbage type veggies attract white butterflies faster than a fly to poo.
Vest said…
Er indoors has just arrived back from the meat and Misc raffle at our local club.
Her winnings included an $50-00 elect/Iron, a 3 kilo piece of pork leg, one 1.6 kilo Chook, plus package of Chook wings and sausages.
Two or three times per week our main meal is much better than we could afford at Xmas 70 years ago.
Anonymous said…
Sounds better than what the eat in Dunolly.
Vest said…
The continuing rain in NSW is providing more opportunity to blog. watch for my next post on filthy Chinese restaurants.

Anon do you have diseased Chinese chow dens in Dunolly Victoria?

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