Prodigal Son Saga continues, Plus Pussey Galore.

At 2-30 am  today Sweep male neut arrived and was placed into our shed with a tray - water and food.
 Rosemary and our son Chris had returned from a 140 Kay round trip to recover two moggies left at our serial prodigal sons late residence, only one cat was recovered, due to the other cat being on a neighbouring roof gone midnight - so a further trip is being planned for today for the recovery of  'Baby' the Fem neut puddy tat.
At 7am today, Minnie our resident fem mog neut was asleep in the laundry having returned in the small hours from a rendezvous with the randy ginger tom from No 2 down the road,Then after a feed of raw steak fell asleep stretched out on an upstairs table.
After brekky it was decided both mogs should meet. the pity is no one took a photo of the action, particularly my bloodied hand when I recovered Sweep from the Mexican standoff.
For the record , Minnie arrived at our residence thirteen months ago with kitten in tow, Kitten was found a new home and an already pregnant Minnie with Feral habits became part of our family , homes were found for her offspring and Minnie was chipped and neutered and we are pleased Minnie turned out to be clean and sociable, however, today she showed her true colours and was about to defend her territory.
Sweep the new arrival was no stranger to our home. On releasing Sweep from the shed this morning he made more fuss of me than I him, you see we were not unknown to each other , he was resident here with prodigal son for fifteen months, and I was surprised that after four years of absence  from the environs of our residence and my past sort of affection for the cat it would respond the way it did.
Whether the cat understood or not I explained to Minnie that 'Back up' for Sweep would be arriving soon  in the form of  'Baby'  mentioned earlier.

The root cause for this most recent of 5Th in line to the throne's spate of domestic altercations will probably not be the last, despite the' Old Bill'  being involved again, however, he is now holed up with Ben a former friend whose mother works at a major incarceration  establishment in NSW

I shall return with more info when or if it comes to hand.... Vest, Daily Gaggle.



Vest said…
Had Surgery in Gosford Hospital yesterday , all is well.
Vest said…
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Vest said…
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Billy McGill. said…
To Rosemary & Les many thanks for your Xmas Card Best Wishes to you both for 2013 I am now in my 89th year keep drinking the whiskey Up Spirits and Pusser's Kia Best wishes to every on Bill (Scouse)
Vest said…

Thanks Billy, you make me feel so young. George Haynes who was my PO Instr on KGV Is one of my four remaning shipmates who live locally, George will soon be Ninety Two..... Vest 86.5

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