Whole Baked Snapper.

For those unaware of the identity of a Snapper, it is the name of a fish caught locally around NSW OZ and elsewhere, not the Navy term 'a troll who haunts public lavatories '.
Saw this recipe in my fave newspaper today for 'Whole baked snapper'.
For starters I shall presume whole is the fish including head guts shite and scales.
Now for health reasons I/We in my family eat fresh fish regularly once or twice per week. and we all have a strong preference that it should taste like fish or occasionally like beer batter with salt and vinegar the trad chish and fips,
The ingredients of the recipe for the fish to be baked in foil included two lemons, one clove of garlic, a three CM cube of ginger, one long red chili,, a cup of coriander leaves, two tbs of olive oil with salt and pepper. Well for me that means it should taste like a Chinese one hundred year old oyster or worse, who are these nutters who gorge on this weired nosh.
Choosing your fresh fish isn't easy especially if you rely on the truth of the chef  who can in some instances deliver to the table all manner of cheap fish varieties in lieu of more expensive types.such as Nile perch for barramundi and the worst horror of all those Basa fresh water fillets imported from Vietnam and caught in the Mekong river which is nothing more than a public sewer,- hardly fresh water. My advice is support your local fisheries or chuck out a line and get it fresh.
Makes one wonder how the term "Something Fishy about this" came about.
Vest. Back soon.


Chris B said…
There's something fishy about this.

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