January 26 Australia day. The Royal Navy calling Australia Home.

Hi Les,

A happy New Year to you. Just received this message from an Australian resident seeking info about HMS KGV. Can you help?
Best regards
Yours aye

Commodore W H J Kelly CEng FIMarEST RN (Retd)
President HMS KING GEORGE V Association

Dear Sirs,
I am the son of a veteran of HMS King George V. My father joined her in 1943. After the war, Dad married and left the UK to settle in Australia, where we all live. Dad says he has never been the returned services club type, but over the years we have heard many, many stories of his experiences serving on HMS King George V, and he is obviously quite proud of his service. Just the other day I did a little research on the net and found some info about operations she completed and Dad was eagerly pointing to each one, and I'm sure it bought a lot of memories back for him. The reason I am writing is, I wonder if any of you have any photos of the ship, and of her crew, and if so would be willing to send some on for me to show him. My Dad was relatively young, being just 18 years old in 1943 and he is now going on 86, and quite frail. He has just lost his wife, my Mother before Christmas. I have been around to see him almost daily, and after showing him the info I collected saw his spirits rise a bit for the first time in weeks. I'll tell you his name in case anyone remembers him, and would like to send a cheerio. He is Able Seaman Peter James Dennis. I will take just a moment to let you know that because of Dads' service, I have the deepest respect for the sacrifice that all you wonderful veterans made to secure us the freedom that so many seem to take for granted these days. I wish you all the best, and hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Sincerely,
Antony James D-----.

About forty ex crew members of that famous ship we served in during WW2, formed an association going back a fair while, however, we were never convinced that our small contribution to the assoc was the total number who returned to settle in Australia.
The total accrued to around fifty members allowing for natural attrition, and it would seem many more are here in Australia.
The good news is, I have been in touch with our past crew member's son, and have sent photo's and other info from the past.
Although Our association was wound up last year we still communicate with one another , that is the four of us left who are able to.

Vest LJB. RN Retd 1966.


Vest said…
Facebook Terrorism.

My Wife and I have received info from an ex daughter in law (and a good friend) That, her teenage children have become subjected to intolerable sexual connotations on their Face book program from an ex relative.
Now Maybe some of you will understand at least there is one good reason for me not wanting Face book in my face.

Face book has become a new sinister replacement for Dunny Wall Doggeral.
Dont tell me you dont remember
"One would think with all this wit that Shakespeare had been here to sit"
Vest said…

Australia suffered a nationwide illness yesterday.
Hundreds of thousands were struck down by mystery viruses and other medical problems that were notable for lasting only 24 hours. This is the sort of puzzle that should be studied in medical journals, except that it really isn't a mystery at all.
Australians simply called in sick in large numbers so that they could enjoy a four-day long weekend.
The problem is that management and those few who turn up for work are obviously compromised by a lack of staff.
I suggest that management shove these bludgers higher up on the entrenchment list of possibles.
kate...fb. said…
Hi Vesty, I know i am awful not commenting lately , but it looks like i'm not alone, its probably due to the silly season.. But I thought i'd tell you i'm getting time and a half for yesterday and double time today, Aus-day.Any how i'm not into beer and barbies. Luvs Ya Kate.X.
lower deck lawyer. said…
Just another national pissup day and another looming in twelve weeks when Anzac Day falls on a Sunday 25 April. Do you still march with the vets on Anzac day?
Jimmy said…
January 26 Australia day. NO
January 26 Republic of India day
Jimmy said…
26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state.

In this day India became a totally republican unit. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who, fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country.
Jimmy said…
So, the 26th of January was decreed a national holiday and has been recognized and celebrated as the Republic Day of India, ever since.

Today, the Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the country and especially in the capital, New Delhi where the celebrations start with the Presidential to the nation.

The beginning of the occasion is always a solemn reminder of the sacrifice of the martyrs who died for the country in the freedom movement and the succeeding wars for the defense of sovereignty of their country.

Then, the President comes forward to award the medals of bravery to the people from the armed forces for their exceptional courage in the field and also the civilians, who have distinguished themselves by their different acts of valour in different situations.
Jimmy said…
To mark the importance of this occasion, every year a grand parade is held in the capital, from the Rajghat, along the Vijaypath. The different regiments of the army, the Navy and the Air force march past in all their finery and official decorations even the horses of the cavalry are attractively caparisoned to suit the occasion. The crème of N.C.C cadets, selected from all over the country consider it an honour to participate in this event, as do the school children from various schools in the capital. They spend many days preparing for the event and no expense is spared to see that every detail is taken care of, from their practice for the drills, the essential props and their uniforms.

The parade is followed by a pageant of spectacular displays from the different states of the country. These moving exhibits depict scenes of activities of people in those states and the music and songs of that particular state accompany each display. Each display brings out the diversity and richness of the culture of India and the whole show lends a festive air to the occasion. The parade and the ensuing pageantry is telecast by the National Television and is watched by millions of viewers in every corner of the country.

The patriotic fervor of the people on this day brings the whole country together even in her essential diversity. Every part of the country is represented in occasion, which makes the Republic Day the most popular of all the national holidays of India.

"No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect"

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Vest said…
Jimmy: I am well aware of India's National day falling on Australia day and I feel sure it applies to Pakistan too, former East Pakistan now Bangladesh I am not too sure about, you can check. BTW did you enjoy your silly annual ritual of burning the British Union Flag?
Vest said…
L D L: Your query do I march on Anzac Day. "no mate" Not since 1995 when I was 'Told off" For displaying a sign (The non gold card men).
Our Oz Pollies still insist on calling the end of war day in the far east V P day whereas we Brits from the Br/Pac/fleet refer to it as V J (Japan)day.
Going back a bit I had a nasty conversation with Billy Bunter Alias Our Fishnet wearing Dolly Alex Downer, then the former Foriegn Minister in the Fed Govt. I told him we fought the Japanese in both the Indian and Pacific oceans and we like Western Australians whose coastline is the Indian ocean feel slightly miffed, That a bunch of non combatant draft dodging politicking chicken hawks should have the diabolical gall to copy the VE thingy in Europe.
However, I still insist on it being V J day.
Vest said…
Prerna: I visited you last night around 11pm, My sleepy eyes could not absorb all, so I shall return soonest.
WALLY. said…
Hey Mr Vest, we should call it V A day . AS in ASIA
Vest said…
Wally: I only remember young female service nurses being V A D's. Voluntary Aid Detachment.
Very naughtilly referred to as Virgins awaiting destruction, and I'm sure they wouldn't have argued the toss over the title.
Vest said…
......Just Celebrate. That's all.

Australia Day has witnessed Controversy in recent years. This is regrettable and easily avoidable.
To keep this day as peaceful and enjoyable as Australia day should be, all we need to do is be calm, relaxed and happy.
Spend the day with your family and your friends and appreciate all of the greatness of this country, avoid conflict, look after your mates and extend that mateship to others.
In short, all we need to do is be Australian.
Tony D. said…
Dear Les,
Thank you for sending me the Brief History of The KGV and associated literature. Dad should find this very interesting. I tried to access the kgv.org site, but it was not functioning. I shall try again. I'll try to keep an eye on the site for crew photos etc. It's really heartening to see that you chaps have kept in contact after all these years, and that enduring friendships have prevailed. I wish my Dad was the type. I suppose it never occurred to him that others would be enjoying such comradeship after so many years.
Tony D.

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