Poor indeed is the garden in which Birds find no home.

Could you be kind to an Indian Myna bird? well I have been but our acquaintance will be short lived, they just have to go.
We have many different birds visiting our garden, a dozen or more species from various parrots to pigeons magpies and noisy crows. Our front veranda hosts the occasional hand feeding frenzy of a dozen or so rainbow lorikeets.
Recently a pair of Indian Myna's took up residence in the eaves of our back shed. Having heard many derogatory yarns about these creatures I was loath for them to stay, Rosemary's maternal instincts favoured the birds to stay.
For such an allegedly harsh climate, Australia is remarkably welcoming to introduced species. The rabbit and the cane toad both thrive here and so do too does the Indian Myna, in fact the Myna may be the most successful of them all.
They are a menace to native birds and our local ecology, so people have lately taken matters in their own hands, trapping and killing thousands of these sky vermin. Problem is, the method of eradication used is considered by some to be cruel,
Considering our ecology is under threat, we are less inclined to worry about some slight pain suffered by myna's when they go to the big nest in the sky. that being said, research should continue into a kinder way of removing feathered trash.
The saga continues: Well it came to pass that the myna residents in the eaves of our shed begat a brace of minor mynas, sad to say(or possibly not) one of these was found expired on the garden footpath, Rosemary after handling this little mite unwittingly acquired a few of its lodgers prior to binning it in a plastic bag. Myself unaware of this caught its sibling which could not fly (no tail feathers), However,the big decision to dunk it in a pail of water arrived upon seeing an army of weeny crawlies covering the bird( Little wonder it couldn't fly with so many passengers). After awhile I began to itch all over. stripping down in the laundry I bathed with Dettol then showered, it seems we both copped it it has taken over a week for the bite marks to go.
So there you have it in true gospel. Those horrible creatures have to go.


Jimmy said…
I will complain to SPCA
Racial Prejudice
Vest said…
Jimmy; Ok then Mr Mumbai what do you call them Paki chooks or Bangladeshi Ducks or Calcutta Crows. Maybe Faisalabad fleabags.
Anonymous said…
Dacca dickybirds.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes it's kinder to kill them thatn to let diseased creatures suffer - or to pass that on to other species. We have had bird flu, Sars, Swine flu ... etc. Better be safe than sorry.
WALLY said…
when they roost at early nightget a fish landing net at the end of the eaves gutter and give it a bang then they fly out in the net then 4x2 them without stuffing up the net,then spray them with kero and use a shovel to shove them in the garbage, easy ennit.
Mum calls them flying rats
C A. said…
(Little wonder it couldn't fly with so many passengers)... now that's FUNNY.
Jimmy said…
I want to share this comment with u guys, who always crib
Jimmy said…
good health is taken for granted by all

u gotta give thanks to the good Lord
that u r not ill

that u have 2 good legs and hands
Christopher Reeves had it all

but he was confined to the wheel chair

same goes for Dhirubhai Ambani
when I visited Babu Mendes in hospital dying of cancer

I realized the gifts I possessed
after i left the dreary hospital, I walked on the beach for 2 hours

saviouring the sea breeze
the sound of the waves lapping the shore

I thanked the Lord for these many gifts I possessed

after that day I never prayed for money no more
WIRES Person. said…
The myna bird is not a protected bird, it is aggessive and disease carrying. it is true they are ridden with bugs which cause infection try not to handle them when dead, kero will eliminate bugs as well as conventional pest sprays.
Jimmy said…
I am looking for a bug spray to eliminate the WIRES flea
Anonymous said…

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maypole dancer said…
Mr jimmy do have cooking recipe for Indian Myna birds?
Jimmy said…
No dear
I have one for Pole dancers
Jimmy said…
He came unto His own
but His own knew Him not

The jews ritualized the teachings of the Prophets

Jesus debunked the jewish religion and He was tortured and killed

if Jesus came to Earth again
He wud disown Christianity as it is practiced today
Jimmy said…
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us

Love God and neighbor
and every man woman and child on Gods Earth is your neighbor He said

(He didnt want VEST loving just Wally and his wife)

simple teachings of a simple man
Jimmy said…
only 2 guys in INDIA understood

Mom Theresa and MK Gandhi
and now the Catholic Church is saying MK Gandhi is in Hell

coz with his last breath, he called out HE RAM !
Chris said…
Is Jimmy insane?
Vest said…
Chris: Not yet. but I am led to believe he is British Petroleum!!!.
Jimmy said…
is British Petroleum insane?
Jimmy said…
any thing, any body British needs a permament shrink Chris

I presume u r British too
Jimmy said…
I am outta here
too many mad dogs and Britishers here
Jimmy said…
I also convinced LORI that Americans are dumb too, and that she shud come to INDIA soon

America was domesticated by the British, that explains it

I saw the movie HOW THE WEST WAS WON
Jimmy said…
mydad worked in AIOC in Persia (IRAN) AIOC became British Petroleum

that shud explain things to u guys
CA. said…
I believe I have the answer to the B P Thing, Bi Polar.

You Indians and Aussies are dimwits.

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