Things are slackening off, I wonder why? plus the cost of child care.

Well you should do as most people have exceeded the family budget over the festive season and many will never make up the shortfall before the next ecclesiastical hallucination descends upon us. I am reliably informed that, most bloggers who are experiencing festive bloating are wisely reducing their sedentary lifestyle in order to drop the flab. But there is another way to help and that is stand on those two feet of yours and raise the keyboard, am I following these rules? 'don't ask'.
Before the busy season commenced, my family and I were inundated with calls re family history and a missing brother, all excitable stuff, however, the euphoria has now lessened to the technical details and more revelations of family history, more is the pity this info should have become known prior to our visit to the U/K last July, maybe another trip could be on the cards.

Working Mothers with pre school children who contribute to the family budget are being slugged again not by mortgage brokers but inane Govt boof heads who are insisting that carers in kindergartens cannot manage five children per carer, so the new number will be four. The decision should be reviewed. because I believe that the dollar not the number of ankle biters is the common denominator.
After all,there are many families which, at any given time during day or night , will see one parent looking after five or more children.
They seem to get by. IE, Rosemary mother of five and Vest father of five Ex Navy.

News pic of the week, Kiki. The rescued Haitian child from the Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean, there is hope and relief in Kiki's face saying "Never ever give up".....Reach out and help.

As I sit here today a light southerly breeze is moving the curtains, a temp of 22C prevails all around the house whereas yesterday and the previous day the Air con and fans battled furiously to beat the heat of 40C plus. It may be Sunday but the sun has yet to appear, global warming is taking a day off.
That's about the lot for now, no departures disruptions or pregnancies, just contented normality, hope yours is the same.
Lunch time, and off to watch the Paki's trash the cocky Oz bludgerygalahs..Vest.
Have a rewarding day.


WALLY. said…
I love that word bludgerygalah, Mum says it would fit a lot of people.
a boneidle waster with a mind like a nit picking parrott, sounds a bit like jimmy.
Jimmy said…
Wally is always talking about his mumm
Hope its only talk they do

Vest wudnt want that to happen here
Jimmy said…
Woe is me
shame and scandal in the famoly
Anonymous said…
Have a lovely Sunday and a great week. Glad to hear all is well.

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