Sober driver, Annoyed priest Arrogant Cop. Memories of yesteryear

A few years back a fair bit I had a attended the wedding of a son and daughter in law of a close friend.
After the reception when most of the guests had had a skinful, certain designated drivers ferried the guests to their homes or to other destinations.
Sitting in the middle seat at the back of the car was the Reverend who had conducted the wedding and was wearing a waist seat belt.
Before the first intersection a pedestrian ran across the road causing our driver to slam on the brakes and attracting the policeman ahead attending the car he had stopped in front of our car.
At the point in time when our driver braked, the Reverend in the middle seat was thrown forward by the force of inertia - also a wooden jacket clothes hanger which had been placed near the rear window earlier by the driver had found its way between the back of the Reverend and the back seat, both meeting on return impact.
I was more than a little surprised at the Reverends utterances who by the time the copper had arrived had removed his seat belt and had retrieved the clothes hanger and was waving it at the driver, on seeing this the copper stated "Not wearing a seat belt," The Rev replied of course I'm not can't you understand why you fool, while waving the clothes hanger at the cop, "Not sure what you're raving on about sir but that will be a seventy dollar fine".
At that point I left the vehicle by the curbside rear door and later caught a cab.
A few months ago I met the driver of the car in that incident who informed me that he was fined as well as the Reverend plus the Reverend was fined for unseemly language and violent behaviour, he also stated the old guy named Noel who was sat next to the Reverends other side had peed the back seat.
"Well I'm not surprised mate" I replied that old geezer lived in Marayong and was the same guy who on another occasion who peed the passenger seat in my old yellow business van, at the time he was as pissed as a fiddler when I hauled him out and sat him on a roadside seat and drove home.
Memories of yesteryear. VEST. (c)copyright.


Anonymous said…
Lol! Perhaps you should get them to wear incontinence nappies on the next driking night out.
Jimmy said…
I am in love again

dont be silly
it aint Miss Aggie
Jimmy said…
she talks like an angel
but I cant say
she looks like an angel
frank said…
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Vest said…
Frank: I did not fail the test,(True)
kate...fb. said…
Hi Vesty, I failed franks test so did my mum , its surprising how you can get caught out.Luvs ya
WALLY said…
Kate i'm not surprised you failed the test my mum did too and I woudnt half bet that jimmy failed as well.
Vest said…
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Jimmy said…
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