Asylum seekers or Unqualified illegal immigrants?

As long as we are unable to differentiate between the terms 'Illegal immigrant and refugee' the boat people dilemma will remain.
The real meaning of refugee would apply to the likes of people fleeing the tyranny of the third Reich during and including post WW2 years also those made stateless after fleeing the yoke of the other axis powers, these people fled in terror to Any country willing to have them.
However, it seems now that, illegal unqualified immigrants under the guise of refugees and asylum seekers who are able to pay People Smugglers are arriving from all parts of the globe. This adds another word casualty problem to the English language; together with the likes of Gay, Hero, actress and golliwog.
I would love to purchase a quality made 'Golliwog' for my Granddaughters Christmas present. anyone out there in the know.
Oh by the way, when or if you arrive in Australia and you don't like the Australian way of life, please return to whence you came as an Asylum seeker.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, be ready with a smile for everyone, you will feel more happier within yourself.

Back later, VEST.

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Jimmy said…
More than sex"?
no way!
Ok. Here:

“Modern science is capable of debunking religious nonsense”
Bullshit. But in a different way.

When someone on the side* of science makes such a statement, he is just as clouded as a religious fanatics.

Ever see a molecule? Just one. No. No you haven’t. Ever somehow traveled back 14 billion years ago and seen the start of the universe? No you haven’t. But you accept these as truths. On Faith. The same way holy people do it.

Science is just another religion. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am on the side of science.

I see scientific theory enacted into event everyday. My CD player’s laser works just like science says it should. Stuff like that.

But isn’t it the same, in a way, with what most religions say. Those statements can be seen day by day as truths. Be nice. Do the right thing. Life will be happier.
This is true.

If some wish to put a name to this idea, so be it. If they find comfort with it, all the better.

It is when that Name is used to hurt or control others that is becomes evil. But people don’t need a god to have an excuse to do that.

I remember watching a comedy act, and the comedian was making fun of religion by talking about fossils. The joke was that the god people were saying the world was only something like 2000 years old, and fossils proved they were wrong because the carbon dating showed they where 65 million years old.
But, see, the comedian never did the dating. He probably couldn’t. Neither could I. The equipment and the training are specialized.

Sure, there are dudes really trained in the sciences that do this thinking and testing and we trust in them to tell us how it is.
Just like in religion there are priest, mystics, and saints.
And, just like religions, the Scientific mind has got it wrong and changed their story on topics.
So, basically, we all choose what we believe. If someone believes something different, so be it.
Humans don’t need anything as ethereal as faith to mess with each other.
But we somehow, each find solace in thinking we have found some of the answers.

*By side, I mean, believing in science. Not meaning you have to disbelieve in religion, though if the choice has to be made, say between creationism and evolution, the Side of Science has a strong lean to the latter. But the best minds, and any who admit the only real truth (“I don’t know but I would sure like to find out”) about life and the universe, sort of have both. Einstein, for example, was a religious man, and changed our world through science.
Anyone who thinks hard enough and is honest with themselves enough will, I think, come to the idea of something we don’t understand. God. Whatever was ‘before’ the big bang. Whatever. The unknown, and from it us, is magical enough to encompass any dream or faith.

John D. Seaham. said…
Destination Unknown.
The debate about illegal immigrants attempting to reach our shores by boat from Indonesia, Malaysia and elsewhere seems to have been highjacked(once again)by self appointed guardians of the community.
The significant point that seems to either elude these people, or is ignored, is that once these self styled refugees have left the country of their so called persecution, they should be seeking asylum in the first possible location.
To have the finance to be able to travel through a number of countries in order to jump the Queue and avoid our immigration laws so they can settle in a preferred country, no longer entitles them to refugee status. So let's have an honest debate and not forget the genuine refugees, some of whom have been waiting many years for their chance of a new and safer life in this country.

Edited by Vest.
Jimmy said…
Johnny come lately

we are all immigrants
the aborigines in Austraylaya were killed

the Red Indians in America
have been decimated

the Adivasis in India
are poverty stricken

they have been displaced to build DAMS and housing projects for the immigrants

me and u
Wendy Kennedy. Cent/Coast NSW said…
The issue is immigration we do need to look at our population levels.
The current asylum seekers are trying to illegally jump the queue.
They were not in danger before they departed from Indonesia, or any other country they passed through to get to Indonesia.
The real people who need help don't know much about Australia. Much less could they afford to pay for an illegal ticket to our shores.
It is a complex issue which needs a bipartisan approach within the political arena..
I still believe in the statement that, "We reserve the right to determine who comes to our shores as an illegal immigrant".
A, Da Silva, S/L said…
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing.
Anonymous said…
It is a dilemma ... it is hard to blame anyone seeking a better life ... but so often they are ill prepared and hope for a magic solution. I agree that an asylum seeker is different to an illegal immigrant. Someone is making megabucks out of human trafficking though. Sad!
Anonymous said…
It is a dilemma ... it is hard to blame anyone seeking a better life ... but so often they are ill prepared and hope for a magic solution. I agree that an asylum seeker is different to an illegal immigrant. Someone is making megabucks out of human trafficking though. Sad!
Vest said…
The greater the obstacle,the more glory overcoming it.
Thos Pickett. Ashgrove Queensland. said…

THE Pacific solution collapsed and the Indonesian solution in tatters.
It is now time for the KIWI solution.
All asylum seekers should be settled in New Zealand.
The New Zealand Government will greatfully receive them for they need to repopulate, as vast numbers of kiwis have fled and now live on the Gold Coast.
Vest said…
I know someone who may disagree with the last comment.

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