Chow Mein, has a sinister ring to it.

Once Formosa as I knew it during conflict back in 45, Taiwan, after a few transitions meaning departing Nip pongoes and the arrival of Chiang kai shek fleeing national army in disarray pursued by Commo Mau, has now settled down after 50 years of confrontation to a Mexican stand off situation. although the general feeling is that conflict between the Sino Nats and Commo regime is becoming less likely each day. Part of this statement forms the opinion provided by recently returned Mr Ho,MD, whose revelations have prompted me to re-issue a former post on this blog.
For those who enjoy Chinese tucker, click yer chopsticks on this.

YUK YUK. But it's true, Dogs are still on the menu in TAIWAN and not just one type of dog, but any breed. This practice of rustling and eating your neighbours best friend is not new, but some unwary tourists found out too late that, the bone they were eating the meat from; that which they would normally give to Rover, was none other than Rover himself.
I have put together a possible Menu which could be encountered should you visit Taiwan (formerly Formosa)and be game enough to shake a canny chopstick or two at the curious canine cuisine, slobber yer chops on this lot, if you are barking mad.


Poached poodle with braised Boxer, Entree Sweet& sour Samoyed.

Curried Corgi in Royal Jelly, Entree Bitches tits with paw paw gravy.

Scotch Terrier in teriyaki sauce, entree Puree of Flench flied fleas.

Bow Wow Sum Chow, Entree Pekingese and Duck soup.

Bistro Menu

The following served with Vegetables or choice of salads.

Chihuahua and chips----Corned Collie and chips----Stir fried Spaniel and Fries.

Mongolian Mongrel Lamb----Mauser & Mushroom Omelet----Springer Spaniel Rolls.

Bitzer Schnitzels.---- All come with a free bowl of Stray dog combination soup.

ROAST OF THE DAY: French Greyhound Stuffed with Neutered Nuts (With garlic)

with condiments and compliments


ENJOY, Vest.


Anonymous said…
No woof woof brekkie for me thanks ... Lol!
WALLY said…
you know what vesty I dun like chonky chow period and even less now.
Vest said…
A swagman travelling with Bob his Jack Russell terrier during the thirty's seeking work in the outback beyond the black stump, ran out of luck - also food and water.
So did Bob. So after making a meal of Bob the swagman looked down on the pile of bones and mused.
'Pity" he say's "Old Bob would have loved those bones".
frog said…
hind quarter of frog will taste delicious after tasting roast leg of sheepdog.
kiwi ken said…
I'll just stick with traditional Long Pig.
kate...fb. said…
hi vesty , Cool post love it , but iwill keep to my footy game HotDog or kransky on a stick, er wotsa long pig kiwi ken? Luvs ya vesty xxxxx kate.
Vest said…
Kate: Ken has not replied.
So my first contact with the term Long Pig was in the book 'Coral Island' where 'Young and tender' captives of warring Pacific Islanders were roasted on a spit and eaten.
Wih all the choices so far I'll go with the hot dog (With Mustard), my nightmare would be the 'Combination stray dog soup. YUK.

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