Dam good weather for Quacks and Umpires.

TODAY: Not unlike a typically wet afternoon at Lords cricket ground with little hope for any play the umpires playing cards and the players and those hard core spectators dreading the "Play abandoned announcement".
A sort of nothing day, eight weeks from summer returning to mid winter. Two days ago, my arms and legs were sunburned while busy in the garden. The good news is, that, the rain is falling over the catchment areas and dams are topping up fast and my car does not now need a wash.
News from England Relatives is down to nil***** and only one telephone call from Oz Rello's 'Thank you A C B', Oh! and a visit from prodigal son which was unfamiliarly docile but draining on the wallet.
To end the day on a miserable note, within four hours I shall be facing up to the torment of the Dentists chair, hiding it will be the stiff upper lip and show no fear of my stolid British upbringing.
Anyone who Say's they can sit in a dentists chair without any trepidation is an accomplished liar.

Britisher's Note *****.

In the depths of Winter I finally learned,
That within me lay an invincible Summer.
Back later. Vest.


WALLY said…
My mum says be brave vesty your her hero.
I say dont be a wimp and face up to it.
Anonymous said…
Good luck at the Dentist Vest and I hope the weather improves soon too!
Keshi said…
aww ty for the cute update Vesty! :) So the prodigal son is back? LOL! good luck mate!

**In the depths of Winter I finally learned,
That within me lay an invincible Summer.

WOW I simply loved that one!

u must be at the Dentist now? dun let him put too many 'tools' in ur mouth Vesty HAHA! Good luck. :)

TC lotsa love too

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