On this occasion I shall expect a more substantial reward from the 'Tooth Fairy'

Hallo or Hello or ow yergoing to all my distant rello's and those local also blogger friends and other friends. That should cover the human species, but there are occasions I talk to our parrot and to some of the more friendly birds who visit our garden, each and all who have their own peculiar way of informing me they need feeding, BTW this info should not be leaked to any known detractors. particularly my shrink or medical professional.
I have been attending to the garden chores this forenoon now that the overcast sky has brought the temp down from 36 cel midday Yesterday to a more comfortable 18 cel right now. However, anything reasonable distracting me from my present malady is to be welcomed. My problem commenced the evening before yesterday when a large dental filling ejected during dinner, apart from a couple of jagged edges no pain was evident until the morning when brushing. By nine a/m I went off to visit no fewer than five dentists who each suggested I make an appointment. It appears that Dentists do not bother about emergency jobs. one has to wait your turn whatever ones predicament, it is a pity that teeth cannot arrange to to ache to order at a specified time. So unless someone phones to suggest an earlier appointment, I will have to put up with misery until 1600 Monday-another four days. So while I am feeling a bit 'Cheesed Off'
Idiot 'P' Plater driving a white sedan YDM 417 or YOM 417 at 1215pm Tues heading south along the F3 Motorway near Wyong NSW OZ. You are a complete IDIOT.
P Platers will never learn. The next time a 'P' plater tailgates or fishtails me while driving the max in a 110 klms or 70 mph zone driving in and out of traffic like a bloody idiot pushing me to go faster - guess what? I shall make sure I am the only one in my car and slam on the brakes. If you survive it would be a lesson learned.
No I am not a lousy driver, having driven in Singapore and Hong Kong without accident for over four years - more or less achieving the impossible. A good rule to follow is to anticipate or watch for other drivers about to make a mistake particularly when not signalling their intentions.
The Sun has broken through leaving plenty of storm clouds to stir the imagination - any rain will be welcomed.
I shall now pop off for a quick nod before dinner. It is doubtful that I'll be back before Monday the 26th. Everyone have a pleasant weekend. Vest.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage".


All Sports. said…
Dear Vest,

Get padded up and hit the nets - you could soon be the 12th man alongside some of the biggest legends in Australian cricket as part of the Johnnie Walker ACA All*Stars squad, as they take on the KFC Australian XI in a T20 clash at the Gabba!

The Johnnie Walker ACA All*Stars are a team made up of cricketing legends and the best of Australia's emerging young talent. Captained by Shane Warne, and featuring former Test greats Adam Gilchrist, Glenn McGrath and Matt Hayden, Johnnie Walker is giving you a once in a lifetime chance to live the life of an international cricketer;

Train with the Johnnie Walker ACA All*Stars squad
Stay with the squad in the team hotel
Pull on the All*Stars kit and carry the drinks in the T20 clash versus the Australian XI
Attend an exclusive players and partners season launch party hosted by Johnnie Walker, Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers' Association
To earn your spot, you will train against 19 others. reply soonest.
Vest said…
Dun Fink so All Sports.
I might manage a six into the stands if it was delivered underarm as a Full Toss but I'd get knackered quickly running between the wickets.
Anonymous said…
BIBLE 'Bad Morals'

LISBON Portugal: A Nobel Prize-winning author has denounced the bible as a "handbook of bad morals", Creating outrage in the Catholic country.
Speaking at the launch of his new book 'Cain', Jose Saramago, who won the 1998 Nobel Prize for literature, said the Bible had a powerful cultural influence.
"Without the Bible we would be different and probably better people," he said.
Anonymous said…
Have a great weekend Vest - I hope the toothache heals up soon.
Jimmy said…
where u going?
with whom?
Pinky, NSW Bowler. said…
Vest,I can imagine you at the crease, Shades of W G Grace without doubt.
Umpire, "Your OUT"
"Cant be"
Umpire, "why not"
Vest, " The spectators have come to see me Bat, (points) not him Bowl.
WALLY said…
I had no idea you were a cricketer vesty must have been long ago or is somone pulling your leg.
rosemary said…
I believe I remember the last time vest played cricket it was back in79 in the reserve at seven hills. He wasn't wearing a cricket box at the time.

Vest is not available right now he has a grumbling tooth and sees the dentist 4pm on Monday. Thanka for your comments.
Kristie Loughrey lake munmorah. said…
RECENT writers have complained about provisional drivers.
I aggree some are not good and some don't deserve to have their licences.
But that doesn't mean they all act inmaturely.
I'm a P Plater and i've been abused numerous times for obeying the speed limit.
A few weeks ago I had a woman not a P Plater bump the back of my car when coming out of a parking lot.
Luckily there was no damage, but she said "sorry I only looked down at my phone for a second".
Not all bad drivers are P Platers.

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