I must be a psychic, I actually made it happen.*** A very notable day.

All went well at the dentist, I got a quote of $268-00 for the rebuild of a double tooth and it took an hour and five mins, I had that feeling it would have been more had I not asked for a quote. I have to return on Wednesday for minor cleaning; it will get my son out of the house to take me to the dentist, this is due to My Falcon wagon KGV OOO being pranged on the starboard quarter, Tin fished you might say Quite unexpectedly by a tailgating Jap Toyota hi-lux (Like the car that Ivan Milat had to convey his murder victims). The accident occurred at 5-15 pm after leaving the dentist drug and pain free. On seeing the Red light would be coming up at Main and Victoria and the other vehicle mentioned closing in astern I slammed the brakes on as the red light appeared releasing my foot brake as he hit and pushing me forward about a metre(Yard). No airbags activated.
Damage. Some superficial damage, the Starboard rear light extinguished; broken fitting. car drivable.
The Toyota, had its front end pushed in and had to be towed.
So Henry's cars are tougher than Hirohito's Toyota Kamikazes.
My Henry Ford KGV OOO is being repaired tomorrow.
Ok then. So not all tailgaters are P Platers. Read my post Oct 22.***
My other most recent accident was in 1984 when a similar thing happened.
There are three more hours to go before the day is up, I must be cautious.
Back soon, Vest.


Jimmy said…
it wud have been much ,much cheaper in INDUA

we have medical tourism
see the TAJ and get your teeth done
Anonymous said…
Cleanliness may really be next to godliness. Researchers have found those in clean homes more moral than messy people. Fresh aromas make people more fairer and improved their ethical behavior.
Vest said…
Anon: This could be true in the sense that my last business venture after retiring from the Brit Royal Navy was directing a contract cleaning business for twenty four years; where all of my sons at some time or other became involved, and I assure you the Clean factor has rubbed off and it shows in their homes and in their social habits in the majority of situations. Getting out and smelling the roses does help to calm an otherwise temperamental person.
Jimmy said…
in INDIA the top brass after retirement become Agents for ARMS Sellers

like the BOFORS gun scandal in INDIA,
and many other scams reported by TEHELCA.com
Vest said…
Jimmy: I became familiar with the Bofors gun during my Naval career.
40mm, Firing 120 rounds per gun per minute - perhaps, meaning it commonly malfunctioned.
rosemary said…
"Over the sweet summer closes, and never a flower at the close; Over and gone with the roses, and winter again and the snows".

Hubby kisses Roses quite often.
Anonymous said…
I hope the prang doesn't put the cost of the dentist up. Glad you are all in one piece.
Anonymous said…
Kisses Rosies What?
Graeme. said…
Many aspects of human sexuality are very puzzling, take celibacy.
This can be a choice in life, or a condition imposed by environmental factors.

While attending a Marriage Encounter Weekend, Tony and Julie listened to the instructor declare 'It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other.'

He addressed the men. 'Can you each name and describe your wife's favourite flower?'

Tony leaned over, touched Julie 's arm gently and whispered,

'Self-raising, isn't it?'

Thus began Tony's life of celibacy.
Anonymous said…
You talked your self into that crash vesty - but following your report you knew seconds before it happened, makes me wonder if it was a put up job, reading a previous post of yours, you made threats to do exactly what happened.
Vest said…
Anon: Pure coincidence, just a fluke, and no swizzle on my part, honestly sport would I Vest do such a dastardly thing you suggest.
Dream on.
WALLY. said…
I believe you Vesty old mate, Ha Ha.
Jimmy said…
I blasted the catlik church and the entire FAITH INDUSTRY on my blog FRIENDS ARE FORVER MY LOVE - current post

take a dekho VESTY (as Keshi wud say) and give your valuable comments
u to WALLY and AGGIE and ROSE and AGGIE and alll

any catliks here?
frog said…
I believe him too wally - same as the immaculate conception.
Gordon the baker. said…
wally & frog stop farting around you guys,get it straight if you aint gonna shit get off the pot.
Vest said…
Fairs fair believe what you wish.

My visit to the dentist for a clean up job has been postponed until I get my Henry F back. The bus service unpredictable and the forty buck cab fee prohibitive when added to the tooth butchers bill.

The rain and cooler weather over the past three days has ceased and we have sunshine, heralding the start of a more promising day.
Vest said…
Heavy rainfall since monday has produced the most rain for the month of Oct since 1960.

The record may stretch as the Sun is on the blink and more rain is forecast.
Jimmy said…
Awaiting your visit on my page VEST
the red carpet is rolled out for u

the Press is waiting too
Jimmy said…
I am verry friendly and verry close to a 56 yo spinster
she is pretty open in her talk

though I think she loves me a lott
she says she will never ever get intimate with me or any body

Any suggestions how to proceed Wally?
Keshi said…
TC of ur gums n teeth Vesty, sans the heavy Dentist bills ofcourse :)

lower deck lawyer. said…
Vest. The header for your last comment should read "Belay the last Pipe".

B T W. where did you first meet the delightful Rosemary. Mike.
Jimmy said…
u have made modern SCIENCE your God Vest

its a FALSE God
look what SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY has done to our planet

Global warming
its the end of the World Vest

but u r lucky u will probably die before that

if I dont get knocked down by a truck

or succumb to cancer for smoking
or a BOMB Blast

or get AIDS from getting intimate with WALLY

or .....
then I will outlive u
Vest said…
LDL: On a nudist beach where she fell in love with me at first sight.
Jimmy said…
Rose met the THORN when his boat docked in her home town

and Rose saw this poor kid with no friends

no, not even a puppy dog
and her maternal instincts did the rest
Jimmy said…
Nudist beach?
no way
the Rose is far too modest to reveal her goodies on a nudist beach

she only reveals behind closed doors
Anonymous said…
Fatigue 'a factor' as teen dies, three girls hurt on Pacific Highway From: AAP October 28, 2009 10:44AM ONE teenage girl has been killed and three others seriously injured in a two-car crash on the New South Wales mid-north coast.
Police said the girl who died was the driver of one of the cars involved in a head-on crash on the Pacific Highway this morning.

Police could not confirm a report that she was a learner driver unsupervised by a fully qualified driver.

Her three passengers, aged 15, 17 and 18, have been taken by helicopter to Port Macquarie Base Hospital with multiple injuries.

An ambulance service spokeswoman said the 15-year-old suffered neck and abdomen injuries, the 17-year-old had injuries to her arm and abdomen and the 18-year-old had head, neck and leg injuries.

The driver of the other car, a man in his 40s, was trapped for an hour before being released and flown to the same hospital in a serious condition with injuries to his chest and face.
The three female passengers were apparently asleep at the time of the crash and the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel, the ambulance service spokeswoman said.

"It appears fatigue was a factor," she told AAP.

"We recommend at least one passenger stay awake in a car where fatigue may be an issue," she said.

The accident happened at Telegraph Point, just north of Port Macquarie, about 6am (AEDT
Vest said…
Jimmy: I have recieved a despairing E Mail from Wally's Mother critising your suggestive innuendo regarding Wally' health problems which are unfounded. you will apologise 'Or Else".

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