Cool sunny and quiet for a while. Sort of normal and friendly.

And it hasn't rained much either. So since the new edit of the water regs last June all due to the increase in water storage whereas one may wash the family car using a trigger hose instead of as many bucketfuls as you wished, I decided to give the car a miss and illegally water the back garden. The guy next door spoke to me about it and I explained that, I will not mention to the authorities about the elec/light being constantly turned on in his shed at the back of his garden. Having got him by the short and curlies, he suggested that being a pom (English) I should be given an extra quota of town water due to the assumption that most English people only bathe on a Saturday or the sabbath or to attend periodical social gatherings. This neighbour of mine has part of his rear garden dedicated to the storage of come in handy later items-the TV Saga of 'Steptoe and Son' comes to mind, sayings such as "Oi Arold" and you "Dirty old Man" by the motley pair of 'Rag an bone ' men salvaging useful floggable later, unwanted household Items.
Recently he saw me in our front garden asked me if I had any old keys as none of his will fit his front door; he could not remember which key it was anyway and I guessed he had been on the turps. My dear lady wife bless her gave me a few meaty bones for the neighbours dog then I went around to his front door. The guys dog was barking like hell as I slipped the piece of thin plastic through the door jamb crevice, he shoved his foot inside to keep it open and told me to beat it before the dog removes my trachea, I had seen the dogs dissident behaviour to visitors on many occasions. However, When the guy saw the dog jump up and lick my face(YUK) after I pushed the door open he sudden sobered up, then when I patted the dog led him to the back gate and shut him in with bag of meaty bones. The guy stood there scratching his head probably wondering if I was 'The Dog Whisperer'. Unknown to him I had hand fed the dog for months over the side fence, the dog and I had reached an understanding and we were sort of 'Good Friends.

Come Friday when all will be revealed. There has been no indication that our Gr/ daughters will be staying for their usual bi wkly (visit to daddy) as #5 prodigal son has not shown up lately (This pisses me off) we have to get permission to take our GR/ children to their Uncles 3rd time wedding on Sat Sept 6, 300 miles distant, mostly by freeways and cash grabbing tolls. I some times wonder when I leave this mortal existence how my closer relatives will survive without my patronisation, it is not intentional on my part to become entangled in their ongoing domestic sagas, its just simply hard to avoid, I being the patriarch.

On my health front. After all those tests I still have no idea what my true state of health is. Still waiting for answers from the vascular Doc. Our Doc seems to think there is little to be concerned over, who is he kidding?. As I left his surgery yesterday I turned around and in earshot of all those waiting, I said to him "Well its nice to know If one has a ballooning Aorta it is nothing to worry about."

Shower time, See you later, Vest.


Keshi said…
Hey Vesty hope all is well with ya.

**I some times wonder when I leave this mortal existence how my closer relatives will survive without my patronisation, it is not intentional on my part to become entangled in their ongoing domestic sagas, its just simply hard to avoid, I being the patriarch.

So true. Some 'obligations' and 'duties' are unavoidable...rather, hard to look away from.

ur a good man Vesty! ppl may be insensitive and careless towards ya, but do good to them anyways...if thats what ur heart tells u to do.

Anonymous said…
hi vesty, is this problem your reason for not being at the club lately? Luvs ya Kate,x
Anonymous said…
hey Mr Vest, you take care mate.
My mates dad grows [it] out near windsor near richmond. it pays his mortgage so he sez, thats till he gets dobbed in--cant grow it in redfern --too many sniffer dogs. that geezer next door - tell him to get black out for his shed.
Anonymous said…
Nice to know that neighbourlyness is still alive and well in Strineland. Lol!
Great going with the doggie. You keep well there Vest. Take care.
Vest said…
Keshi: Most worthy parents mediating skills are rarely appreciated by their progeny. Its strange, I have never had a particular favourite son, each and all have their individual achievements and shortcomings, one in the present time frame could be in contention for 'Arsehole of the year'.
Vest said…
Kate: If that crap 'Battle of the bands' thingy is on at the H B C, then alternatively it will be the Sc ok?,X.
Vest said…
Wally: I have given the guy next door a roll of 9ft wide folded black plastic painters drop sheeting, well that's what its sold as, but as you and I know not what for, as I do not er - paint anymore, it is (S T req).
Vest said…
Aggie: The guy next door suggested my gift of the plastic sheeting to hide his nefarious activities, was in fact reparations for knobbling his now useless Guard dog. I assured him it was not my intention of nicking his stash.X.
Rachel said…
I love your "short and curly" reference. I'll have to use that the next time. It's way cuter than "got him by the balls"
Vest said…
Ra ra ra rachel; Short and curlies suffices for both; or all genders.
ta for calling.x.
Vest said…
Have Jim and anons gone AWAL
Got the PIP have you?
One must not deride other bloggers visiting this blog. Friendly banter is ok.
Remember. Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.
Vest said…
Davo; Have you been on the turps again, your comment is on the wrong post, thanks anyhow.
Jimmy said…
OBAMA Makes a strong pitch to end outsourcing
to garner votes

Business leaders in India and China are laffing
Business owners in America are crying

the middle class in USA is thick headed and gullible
The US economy will collapse if outsourcing is stopped

u silly Yankees if u want to keep your jobs
accept 30 % cut in wages
forget 5 day week and coffee breaks and holidays in Europe

India is amending the Factory Act to allow for 10 hour working day
Forget SA 8000
Posted by Jimmy at 7:15 AM 0 comments
Vest said…
Jimmy: Your previou Anonymous suggestion with regard to my family has been deleted, any more of this sort of garbage you jimmy and your three or four alter ego's will face the axe. This will be the final word on the matter.

Have a thoughtful day.
Anonymous said…
Vest. Going to the club near the bus stop,I noticed an act of generosity. A certain lady you and I know well, handed a considerable amount of cash to a young teenage girl whom she did not know but seemed very distressed,this was to enable her to get home to Morriset 20klm's distant. A plus for Rosemary.
Must mention that that lady is the mostest, far too gorgeous to have exceeded her UBD. Stand proud mate.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Staffer: Rosemary returned home shortly after the incident and mentioned it to me.
And BTW dont ever mention USE BY DATE to my Missus, I can assure you has not reached that milestone. Thanks for your interest.
Vest said…
Anon: Its application only applies to you and others I deem worthy.
Once again you have used 'K's name in your comment, Cannot allow it, So off you go, Its deleted.
Vest said…
There was a stoney silence come 1700 Friday; the appointed time for the arrival of our gr/daughters ft/ntly visit. Prodigal son was unable to be here for their visit. I phoned their mum whom I have no problem whatsoever with and consequentlty had her approval for her children to travel down the coast for their uncles wedding on Sat Sept 6.
Jimmy said…
all the best Uncle
be good to aunty

or I will
Jimmy said…
my son Tony is getting married in Mumbai on feb 21, 2009

all u guys are invited
also the prodigal son

Keshi said…

Check my blog speaks of love as mighty as a mountain...u hv that kinda love for ur kids..thats why.

Jimmy said…
I told Manikaka I want to recover Rs 45K from a sindhi businessman
he introduced me to a 21 yo kid Javedbhai

Javed bhai operates one of his Automats
I told Javed bhai

I told him we share the moolah 50:50
Done, he said

I was scared
I wanted to know more

I asked him Will he squeeze his balls?
he laffed, that is Hijdo ka kam, he said

will he squeeze his neck?
will he break his legs?

why u worry? he tells me
kam ho jayega

I got chicken feet
what if he kills him?

the police will nab me
I had already threatened the Sindhi

He called me a bloody fool
Bhokna kutto ka kam hai

why did u do that idiot!
I shudnt have showed my hand, he said

I gave up the idea
I am filing a suit in court for recovery

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