SWEARING.....Swearing, Cursing, Obscenity, and other Exclamatory language....Do we need it?.

THERE is nothing so impertinent, so sensitive and foolish, as our way of vulgar discourse, when mixed with oaths and curses.
Swearing, that lewdness of the tongue, That scum and excrement of the mouth commonly used by bullying peers in industry the office and the military parade ground, and now the entertainment industry, it is of all vices the most foolish and sensless; it makes a persons conversation unpleasant, his Discourse fruitless, and his Language Nonsense.
On leaving; as a guest at a local servicemans club, I asked a senior staff person if I could be allowed to voice the "F" word during any social conversation within the club. I was told "No", our club will not condone swearing within the club at any time. My reply was; it seems the Pious bastards running this club can charge patrons $45..00 to listen to a barrage of gushing filth incorporating every known top drawer swear word known to man by that ugly bastard 'Rodney Rude' Billed as entertainment, What's your club motto mate, Is it * "I see no ships"? .....I was shown the door.
Some people worry that slang will somehow corrupt the language. We should be so lucky. Most slang lexicons are preciously guarded by their sub cultures as membership badges. Slang in my world is a lingo that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and goes to work....A lesson for the Miscellaneous Migrant entering Britain, RE, My previous post.
No one is ever capable of swearing properly in any language other than their own apart from one exception, in my case I have frequently been informed I have spoken Japanese or a similar lingo, and I have learned that others too have experienced this phenomena, 'Its a kind of First Aid to the injured, It seems to deaden the pain.
But others will say "Let us swear while we may, for in heaven it will not be allowed.

SO, "What is your feeble excuse for the use of profanity, or your reasons for abstention, waiting to hear from you.
Vest Daily Gaggle. Yes I am feeling better.

Have a lovely day. BTW. *Admiral Nelson...Blind Eye, get it? "Eye see no ships"


Jim said…
The greatest invention of USA is the F-word

Cut off the F-word and he wont be able to communicate

it is a noun, a verb, an exclamation and an adjective too

how do u speak without these!
Anonymous said…
Good to see u back bugger
the world will not be the same if u leave

take care
we need u
Anonymous said…
I dont give a #### (verb)
Anonymous said…
Well ###@ me charlie
he survived again

he cracked his skull
and all he got was a headache

what was it this time Rose?
Anonymous said…
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Vest said…
Anon, "what was it this time" you ask.
Us relative to the Queen diagnose any undefined maladay as the 'Collywobbles' nuffink tur wurry aboot.
Anonymous said…
A flood of words is never without its fault; he who has his lips controlled is a prudent man.
Anonymous said…
In all pointed sentences, some degree of accuracy must be sacrificed to conciseness.
Good post. Mike.
Anonymous said…
Dont be a sucker
I will promote your book for FREE

well not really free
I hope u will put me up for a week
mebbe a month
mebbe a year

shud I emigrate to Australia
not making much moolah here
Anonymous said…
u r a Johnny too
Vest said…
Today is the 63rd anniversary of the end of WW2, referred to as VP day (Pacific) by non combatant pollies. Us the Cannon fodder refer to it as VJ (Japan) day. Those bastards operated in the Indian ocean area too, All brain dead pollies take note, in most cases I suppose they were not around when it happened, and in most cases even now, they are never around when something important needs to happen.
Anonymous said…
heres hoping u have heard about eskimo hospitality
Anonymous said…
It is overused ... but a jolly good profanity every now and then never hurt no one. But then I tend to say mine out loud when ALONE! Lol!
Anonymous said…
P.S. Glad you are feeling better.
Vest said…
Aggie: I cannot recall your usage of profanity, only sweetness and the truth.x.

Re publisher.
Spending that amount on those book fairs is not a good idea, already tried that, the word deficit comes to mind.

anon 1: Yes , my 2nd given name(christian name) is John as well as my pseudo name John Leonard Spencer, Leonard was the name of a horse which came 3rd at 14/1 in the 1945 Melbourne Cup, incidently I backed the winner Rainbird 12/1 on board was Billy Cook, and BTW a Vest you wear in England is sometimes called a spencer in Australia.
Now to complete the puzzle, now that you know the middle name. my first given name and surname are the same as the first two parts of the original hyphenated name of the author of the 'Saint' books, but not his pseudo name.
No prizes for working that one out, but lets see who is first.

Anon 2: The Eskimo thingy is out dated, and beside that we are not eskimos, furthermore your suggestion is lewd, 'How dare you, you wicked person.
Vest said…
I must mention that the Brit vest besides being a spencer in Oz, is an undershirt in Unclesamland, whereas a vest in the land of the free is a waistcoat in good Queen Bess land. The mind boggles.
Anonymous said…
plese dont block annony mouses or I will not be able to comment

I lost my gmail id and yahoo too
Anonymous said…
the message read Happy Independence Day
u have been hacked

a program called ALL IN ONE is now resident on my C Drive

I will have to reformat
Rajan said…
Saby/Jim visited me
told me to inform all u guys that all his personal blogs have been hacked

ADIOS Amigos
no more personal blogging

the following emails have been hacked


his business mail and blogs is secure
Anonymous said…
Saby, Rajan, Anons: H...y 61st...ann.......y day. we were pleased to get rid of you.
Anonymous said…
Awwww Betty
I can understand Philip

but not u
I will miss u too

Anonymous said…
everything happens for a reason
I believe in Jesus and destiny

all good things and bad things must come to an end someday

I think Jesus wants me up there
To do dat I have to rid my self all attachments to the material World

but dear Jesus
I cant forget Betty and the good times
Anonymous said…
the good times we had while Phil was at work
Anonymous said…
Vest said...
tqmcinti: I was never interested in 'M' in any case she was uglier than a robbers dog and she chose Pugs who was short sighted and handy in the kitchen, he being a Gay ex Ships Cook.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008 09:48:00 AM EST

Wednesday, 06 August, 2008
Blogger Jim said...

VEST is unwell
Rosemary is distressed


Tuesday, 12 August, 2008
Blogger Pugs said...

Well it's nice to see your still at it! err Jim, Anon, tqmcintl, (SABY) Ha!Ha!

Sorry to hear that the OLD STEAM QUEEN Vest! ain't well and Rose is so distressed about it, but there you go, you can't live forever, it comes to us all.

Mind you only the good die young so I expect Vest has a few years ahead of him yet..

Tuesday, 12 August, 2008
Davoh said…
Swearing, Cursing, Obscenity, and other Exclamatory language


Dunno about you lot but, from my limited memory ..
Swearing is an oath of faith.
Cursing is hoping ones enemies go to hell,
Obscenity is in the eye of the beholder ..

Exclamatory language? Um, need detailed instruction on what, exactly, that means.
Anonymous said…
Sent: Wednesday, 20 August 2008 9:30:28 AM
To: sabydasouza@yahoo.com; bwican@gmail.com; dasouzasaby@gmail.com

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