An open letter to Slime Bag Bigot...nose up arse John Coates. Pommy basher..

SO Britain is short on pools and soap so this prize pig states, not surprising since he and a heap of other Aussie Bigots have hogged the market for their daily ritual, 'The Washing Out Of Your Foul and Filthy Mouths With Soap'.
John Coates: The Aussie Olympic Boss, the under qualified and grossly overpaid sporting moron living off the backs of true blue Aussies, should find himself another job that suits his general makeup, ideally as a 'Shithouse Cleaner' or with the North Korean Diplomatic Corps. This common Tyke has been asked to step down and should be regarded as persona non grata. Google 'The Sydney Daily Telegraph' archives, for the full story.
The Need for (comfort) domestic swimming pools in Britain or Europe, is rare due to the adverse climatic conditions.
The need to shower daily in Australia is a must or you would stink to high heaven, however, this option is not always the case, say during the winter season when the temperatures drop to equal those of a European Summer. Over the years I have studied local bathroom habits and from my enquiries among Aussie residents has revealed that during the cooler seasons locals become reluctant to shed their clobber and wield the palmolive. The local govt water consumption information showing reduction in usage bears this out.
I recall my five years in a prep school in Britain during the 1930s, where 300 students showered daily between about 8pm to nine pm in a multiple shower room, in all 50 shower spaces, We washed with yellow sunlight soap (Laundry Soap) no hair shampoo, that was for sisses, we had to clean our teeth with salt, But dont ask me why; but you were allowed to use dentifrice(toothpaste) if you could afford it. Also our underwear was changed daily.
We also had a six lane 110 ft long and 8ft deep end pool with a spring and 20ft high board , this was used for six months of the year and was very cold at times, it consisted of concrete and was lime washed, it was emptied and scrubbed frequently and discharged into the river Wensum at nth Elmham where it would kill most of the fish in the river.
BTW we swam naked, no budgie smugglers except for open days.
Our swimming season compared to a Sydney NSW OZ winter, no joke, little wonder here in Oz we have such fine athletes, we certainly are the lucky country, we have the best climate giving us more incentives to take up sport. we should not knock other competitors who have to tiptoe through the snow for a dip in the briny.
Vest, Daily Gaggle.


Jimmy said…
I dunno whether to laff or cry?
Jimmy said…
He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
[I John]
Anonymous said…
I think that john coates should be wearing yellow and brown. anycase go for a trot around some shops in sydney for a free whiff of body odour, or if your into smells go walkabout around darwin , my mob the indigo's up there never heard of soap.
Anonymous said…
When I used to live in Oz (amny moons ago) we used to have to shower 3 times a day over summer. Too hot and helped you get to sleep at night if you cooled off in the shower. We certainly smelt sweet for the duration.
Jimmy said…
your PC may get hacked
Vest said…
I shall be off to see the doc for more tests tomorrow. I have a lot of catching up to do on the domestic scene, will be back sap.
Com has been down all day too.
Jimmy said…

no one
and nothing is all bad
not even porn

aside from being a healthy substitute for Viagara
porn is a tool I use to attract visitors to my blog

they enjoy the porn
and then when they are sated
they find Jesus the hippy

and they fall in love with Jesus
Davoh said…
Whaddya mean .. "where the the bloody hell were we"? Didn't see the Brits feature in the Olympic soccer stadium .. and Beckham couldn't kick a ball off a double decker bus .. roll on 2012 (heh)

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