I Learned early in life that the spirit of Christmas although well intentioned was short lived. The yuletide values lose their influence at other times of the year when the desperately poor on struggle street tough it out. Most of these under privileged have physical abilities to enable them to battle through with the help and guidance from govt authorities, However, In the lower order of necessity we have the less self reliant community, people who have lost hope and have hit rock bottom, through misfortune or tragic circumstances.
Take the case of Rhonda Taylor or anyone else in similar circumstances, She buried her ten month old daughter recently, less than two weeks before Christmas. The service Cost $3,000.00 that Rhonda scraped from relatives friends and various charities.
Rhonda; in her twenties has two children Eight and Two, she has no partner or parents and suffers from a chronic heart condition and needs surgery to correct it, her young baby boy james was born partially blind and has been diagnosed with epilepsy. Rhonda has difficulty eating and sleeping and spends her time clutching Mia her dead babies blanket, because she Say's it still has her smell. Rhonda's poetry keeps her going along with the knowledge that her baby is no longer suffering.
The struggling mum Say's she is not looking for handouts, but there is none more deserving of a helping hand.

All donations can be made by contacting the WESLEY MISSION ON 1800 021 821.
Or you may donate to your local charities. Thank you for reading this, Have a wonderful Christmas. VEST DAILY GAGGLE.
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Anonymous said…
Hello old mate. Heard the final figure was 28,465, great stuff.Going to VIc for Chrissey,see you early Jan. Shalom.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie--i'm flat out doing overtime for xmas rush but well be going to zeds for christmas day--thanks for being our best mate ever and we all wish you and your family a merry christmas.
Anonymous said…
Not a bad score for a non kneeler or nocangoist, too many prayer boson's concerned over their beautiful places of worship, than giving succour to the needy.
No thanks from recipients I notice.
Enjoy your Christmas, back soon.
Vest said…
LDL. Thanks.
Recipients more than likely too poor to own or access a computer, in order to acknowledge.
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Saby. How many times do I have to tell you, 'No effing on this blog'.
Keshi said…
u too mate.

But what's Craker?

Vest said…
Keshie, A Christmas cracker, party thingy, pull apart-made of paper, tubular-ten inches in length- gets more exciting as I try to explain, doesn't it. Anyhow I have explained on your blog. Merry Christmas.
Vest said…
I am receiving info that the new beta blogger is a total pain in the ass, is there any one else out there who can enlighten me on this problem, I have not switched over yet. I have just lost a comment that I published, Is this a deliberate ploy from blogger to stir me up?
Vest said…
Keshie. That's right BonBons, the term slipped my memory, although originally these thingies had lollies implanted in them, a French idea, BonBons being nuts or fruit fondant dipped in chocolate or fondant.
Idi Amin. His nick name was BonBon I am reliably informed. Not difficult to work that one out.
Anonymous said…
no it wasn't hard to work out. meaning of course a chocolate colored nut, but is it not bordering on a little bit of racism on your part. Idi Amin was not all that bad.
Keshi said…
**Idi Amin. His nick name was BonBon

mebbe his bonbons were made of human lungs? LOL!

Vest said…
Anonymous: I used the term chocolate covered(Not Coloured)I would not be more racist than the vast majority of our kind are. I am who I am, not how I express myself:(
I cannot believe that there was a streak of charity and goodness within the actions of Idi Amin, his excesses and downright cruelty are well documented.
May I suggest that you make a donation to your favoured charity this Christmas, and to you your family and friends have a wonderful Christmas.
Anonymous said…
I believe vest is a bible boy and a christian - will he be going to the churrch this festive period.
Vest said…
Anon : Your belief is unfounded, the answers are "No", "No" and "No".
I have no affinity to the Faith Industry (Read my profile) except for the Hope and Charity segment.
Vest said…
Anon, or should I say Saby. Nah you old sinner, brussels sprouts honour I aint, She's like me skin an blister an I'm cash an carried anyhow.
Keshi said…
Vest now u know Im just Keshi...not those many others who u got confused with b4 :)

Vest said…
Keshie: I am pleased you have overlooked my previous clashes with you, i'll do my best to be more pleasant in future, thanks.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Star bender: Thanks for the abuse, hence the deletion.

There is nothing so impertinent, so senseless and foolish, as Your vulgar way of discourse, when mixed with Oaths and Curses. Get well soon.
Have a wonderful LSD Christmas.
S.M. Elliott said…
A message for you at my blog.

There's a new movie about Amin, "The Last King of Scotland", showing him for the strange tyrant he was.
Vest said…
sme,toured your blog, where is the message?
S.M. Elliott said…
Under strange things people have Googled.
Keshi said…
Hope u'll have a very merry Christmas and a 'Fair Dinkum' New Year mate ;-)

c yazz in 2007!
Anonymous said…
You must be a very lonely
person the way you talk to
yourself in comments.
People like you shouldn't be
allowed to blog.

+nancy drew+next-stop-insanity
Vest said…
Anonymous, or should I say anonyturd. So you with the uncultured brain of a wet fart, deem yourself the self anointed judge of righteousness. Your analytical conception of my person has already been promulgated by other dim witted morons such as your self and it is not news worthy. I can only assume your title 'Anonymous' which was also used by several others, is your inbred family name and it leaves me wondering if you were born with multiple heads.

Get Well Soon. mxaahny vest.

comment moderation is now being installed over the Xmas break.
keep it clean and pleasant, have a wonderful Christmas.
Jim said…
Merry Christmas
u old fart

if u r still around after Dec 30
u will be burned on Dec 31 night
Vest said…
Saby: Have a wonderful Christmas.
Thank you for your warm wishes.

Me no Suttee Suttee
Too Hot, Warm Butty.
Anonymous said…
All u want to no about JAZZ
by Michele

u can post to michele here
Vest said…
Anon or saby which ever you prefer.
You are are aware that you have been blocked and now you are on the misc spam circuit, regardless of your persistence I shall Not (Rpt)Not be commenting on that site, Michele yourself and pugs were the persons responsible for stirring the can on the tshsmom and other yank sites inferring that It was I doing it and not you lot. I have no further desire to renew the acquaintance of Michele or her Queer ex ships cook friend.
Merry Xmas.
Anonymous said…
i am sorry to hear dis (Kavita) Rajbir
i am sorry to hear of the funerals too
i am sorry u have to get drunk dis christmas

u certainly look like a man
u better

u r doing a man's job

i wil pray for u guys at J&K
u guys r guarding our nations frontier

and here i am fooling around with Michele

i too will be getting sozzled
i love Michele

and Michele loves dat ass PUGS

5:17 AM
Anonymous said…
Michele yourself and pugs were the persons responsible for stirring the can on the tshsmom and other yank sites inferring that It was I doing it and not you lot.

heyyyyy Vest
i am innocent

i have been ronged too
Jim said…
its only 30 mins to christmas
get dressed u ass
Vest said…
Julie your Cricket enquiry Regarding 'What is a Cricket Box' has been transferred to the 'Cricket Scumbags' post; dated March 2005. Are you the original Julie who enquired in 3-2004?

Resurrecting this post 3-2004. can provide a few laughs
S.M. Elliott said…
Thanks for the Christmas message, it was lovely.

Anonymous said…
HMpOLk write more, thanks.

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