Saturday, 28 October 2006


I should have realised from the start that Blogging was not going to be easy in Nth America. However, it has been a period of learning on how the people in the twilight zone spend their lives; those who sport a similar language but dissimilar habits and in most cases entirely differing opinions. By treading carefully initially and doing a lot of 'Yessing'(A new word) I was able to relax until the time I was in agreement with an English blogger D H G who had been kicked to death by anti Europeans, it was then I felt my first stab wound.
Soon to follow was the gun debate in which I was the only detractor to the gun lovers in this lopsided stoush. Former friends were now becoming antagonists bar one or two which kept me hanging on, then came the inquisition, someone began probing the blogs with nasty innuendo, and by using several aliases from a site in India, was able to infiltrate into several sites, for which I collected the blame.
Nevertheless the dung clung and from then on I was blatantly put down by Madame Hobnail from Minnesota and her foul mouthed pig pen of bacon loving loonies. It was time to go, I had Left my mark indelibly in The Land of the Free.
This will be my last posting on the matter.
To former Associates I have this to say.
Sadie the cleaning lady, the pot smoking religious freak and anti alcoholist. Your sprogs are ugly and you are frightfully boring.

Monnicar, Whining Whinging hobnail disciple, G S.

Squirrel, Just another nutter traveling with the loonie band wagon.

Smeee hee god bless those who sail with you. G S 2

Laura the Borer. Hi fatso- Miss Lard 1996-2006. remove the pork from your fork. u r already Stuffed.

N D: What a shame, after all those unsolicited love and (((Hugs))) messages you sent me you turned out to be other than what you really are, just a nit picking maladjusted pill popping 'No Hoper'

Oh Please drop dead Diana, The ugly grey haired ghost, late comer, had to shove her porcine snout in to quote on matters she; in her own admittance she had no knowledge of. This deranged nutter is currently at logger heads with her land lord who is being accused of sniffing her underwear, that's right. The size 48 red flanneled bloomers with the cast iron gussets, similar to hobnails, which are grey
to match the foliage.
Old Hobnail: The redneck moaning Minnie from Minnesota, who allows her child to troll the porno blogs in order to purchase used blow up dolls. What a super Goof you turned out to be.

Sophocles once said. It is Silence that makes a woman beautiful. And when asked if he would teach his daughters a foreign language replied "One tongue is sufficient for a woman". so would you all very kindly. Slink away to your hole's in the ground


izzy dave said...

Tshs mom,briefly to my point--other was vest Junior, tshs you ignored that and--and called Liar--bad karma--saby and his other bunch of names have terrorised vest as well as you and more people--you hate vest period from long ago- you a vile person lacking decency --not a funny person but very sneery and nasty. I am Israeli ex Mossad so dont bait me as I travel

Vest said...

SME: replying to your tshs blog comment.
Yes, D H Gill is a nice guy, not weird as you denounced him; willy nilly, just another victim of off beat American flag waving "Because we are strong and you are wrong mentality.
It is such a pity that only a few level headed American people can see America emerging as a Third world Banana Republic under Hebrew control. Have a nice thoughtful day.

catherine from f m, blog troller. said...

nancy drew or ND answering your comment on tshs blog.
Your turncoat scathing attack on vest is despicable, it was a personal matter between vest and another persoo NOT YOU.
Your nasty pompous remark that inferred you had superior writing skills, leaves me doubting that, you have any other degrees of excellence apart from a sick arrogance. Your self induced medication and drug problem should be your main concern , not prattling on about a former friend who at a great age has more achievements to record than yourself. Casting my eye around you tend to rely on copied work from other sources for your posts,and you rarely read incoming posts thoroughly, I have just read that vest informed you he was not vegan, and the tapes on the slaughtering of animals was there to read only if you so wished.
Incidently you have a nasty streak in you, pure poison, are you just another woman scorned? get yourself together before you pass into obscurity.

anon larry said...

Mr vest I sometimes visit tshs blog still cant make head or tail of it- cant work out this intrige, but man you got guts to front up to these old ladies, ho ho ho they are women scorned indeed.

Vest said...

This post will close for comments in 48 hours.

lower deck lawyer said...

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".
Great post.
You have done enough, now leave them to sweat it out.

Vest said...

This post will close at 2359 Oct 31. all comments relating to this post must be in by that time.
Any comments received beyond the specified time which are related to this post and are sent to other posts, may be deleted.

kate from budgewoi said...

tshsmom, Ive just come back from your slime blog how dare you say i dont exist you frigging old ugly fartmouth,send your phone no to this address 69 Wallaby Green, Crescent, Budgewoi, NSW 2262 Aus and youll get more than put to
rights. Kate. ps my best freind is vests d-in -law and we love him as a good freind why didnt you say that on this blog are you that frightened

Vest said...

Kate do you really want to do that, not a good idea. ring 6-8 tonight.

Tam said...

Hello grumpy gramps / we love you xx Kate phoned mum about your blog and im here to find out whats up on our computer/ coming back soon

tam said...

hello gramps / mum said say nothing / not get too tied up / see yooseall on friday

gordon said...

Hey mate thats great..huge red arse wrappers .. with galvanized gussets...har har har

zed & sharon said...

wot a scorcher vestie nearly pissed me pants laughing on the yank blog, she gived you plenty though, there bound to delete it. hi tamara

Anonymous said...

HEY! hanks for stopping by again over at mine, it's been a while. I am reading this post correctly, are you shutting up shop?

It's a shame, thanks for your kind words and all the truth, that's all anyone can ask.


Vest said...

No, I am not shutting shop, only this S- Stirring harange we are presently on which will cease at midnight east strayer time.
The next post will be somewhat different, hopefully. Nice to see an England win on Sat, even though their saviour was a springbok. see ya.

Vest said...

My final (?) comments have been posted on the 'tshsmom'website, read now, should they be deleted, if so,they will be posted here later.

monicar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said...

tshsmom; Please explain to the fools who comment on your blog I cannot allow filth and suggestive remarks on this site, keep it in America the land of 'Sewer Talk'.

Vest said...

By the time this is posted, normal Americans( IF THERE ARE ANY) will be fast asleep snoring and ignoring my deadline on this post.
So far only two have risen to take the bait and have been thrown back in. Apart from greeting niceties there is rarely any suggestion of constructive dialogue, in lieu we get sarcasm and abuse on the blogs I have just left in the USA & CAN.
BELOW is a copy of my last comment on the tshsmom Blogsite,in sort of retaliation one might say.

Like General MacGreaseburger said to his corn cob pipe' Here we go again' Or something.
Tshsmom, your concocted twaddle does not hold water.
It is simply a stinging and unsubstantiated pack of untruths, drivel, gobbledygook and unimaginable poppycock.
Bloggers, what this lying unhinged female? back stabbing monster will concoct from her poison tongue is beyond belief. However, it is not beyond the reasoning of normally adjusted people to recognize her? tirade of utter garbage as the mutterings of a seriously maladjusted person totally devoid of reasoning and with a groveling whining miserable attitude lacking humour.
I, having a concience, refute her jabberings as utter Hog Swill and balderdash.
My advice to you is. Go boil your head in oil, if all else fails, try euthanasia.
Have a wonderful day. Goodbye.

Vest said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fiona from melbourne said...

hallo you old son of a gun, got your book from canada, read it all/ will email you for questions. that old leather faced cow from minesota- fancy letting her retarded son get onto porn sites/very irresponsible then she touts for sympathy from those other female fart bags, Ithink you did a good job on them without swearing. yeah the old cow from minnesota does swearin most of her comments must be stark raving bonkers herself

Vest said...

Ok. Thanks. I shall wait for your E mail.

Remarks of that nature will not be scrubbed.

canuck viirgin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said...

canuck virgin, the ribald frivolity was ok however, the four F---ing words are not allowed. E mail me And I shall send you a list of Nth Am sites which accept similar filth.

Vest said...

Fiona, and Wally on the other post: yes, they are still harping on over on T he S olid H ard S hite site in sticksville Minnie ha ha looneyland.
Their present boring post relates to, descibing to the world what a bunch of lawless undomesticated goons they are.

izzy dave said...

the tshs household just chaos out of control and insanitary/

anon larry said...

sir you sound like a man with a mission athough it squeaks of anti americanism, I laffed at your underwear joke but it does not bother me newly arrived in America,
from Sth Africa, I live in New York but will move on soon. Many skinny girls here, the tubby girls cant stay with the traffic speed. did you go to durban on your travels?

Vest said...

anon Larry: To Capetown 5 times East London Once and not to Durban.
Larry the more likley places you will find Nth Am ladies with ultra large bottoms, meaning very wide abaft the beam with sterns as large as that of the TITANIC, are in.
Wyoming, Minnesota, Californica ?, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Please no more comment on this post

american pie say 's said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kate from budgewoi said...

Mr scrunch, how dare that old bag of yours suggest I was having an affair with vest, little wonder why he returned the compliment you stupid cuckoo.You and your bunch of friends are nothing more than a bunch of raving nincompoops.

Anonymous said...

down under worm food

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