THOUGHT OF THE DAY, This may include you too' so clean up your act

Once you have the cap and gown all you need to do is open your mouth.
Whatever nonsense you talk becomes wisdom and all the rubbish good sense.


Anonymous said…
Bad writers, and especiallly scientific, political, sociological and not forgetting jargon orientated journalists are nearly always haunted by the notion that latin or greek words are grander than saxon words. Ones schoolboy English is far more pleasing grammar than that of the coarse lazy jargon of boozy know all journalists.
Vest said…
Tomorrow my Beautiful Gorgeous Gr/daughter 'Tamara Rose' will become a Teenager, Have a Wonderfully Happy Birthday Darling.
Love you Lots, Grandma Rosemary and GP VEST. XOXOXOX.
Vest said…
Crikey!!! who resurrected George O.
Mandy said…
These days it's not we journos who do the jargon, it's the council officers and the CEOs. And estate agents.
EG 'it would detract from the visual amenity' - council planning speak for 'it would look horrible'.
'The lounge benefits from uPVC double-glazed windows with views to the rear aspect' - you can see out the back.
Vest said…
Thanks Mandy for correcting O G. I will suggest we add bloggers to his list and why have we forgotten silly and sometimes misleading adverts placed by the general public? I think O G's list could be inexhaustible.
Vest said…
Julia Please read again(This MAY include you)If it does not, you should not be too offended.
Thank you for visiting.
I have visited your BS and I am pleased you are endeavouring to find a place in the higher order of things, seems if you are a stickler, so you should make it. I hope you are not disappointed.
It is most unusual to hear that you have two children, my two ex Daughters in Law Julia and Julia also have two each 10 to 13, I wonder if the rest of the world will find this unusual.
So you are a B A C good luck to you.
I myself lost the plot during WW2 When I was employed by the Brit Govt as an under paid killer of the opposing forces; with the blessing of the king and the A- Bish of Cant, I decided that it was not played in the spirit of the game; when the Boss kept changing sides. By knocking my mates off the board who were just pawns in the fight, I decided to take my chances without almighty interference.
I have a friend who studies after death communication, but I fear the worst for him,he is a total Nutter.
I was fortunate that my formal education ceased at 15 years of age, at that period it was 14 years of age At 17 was engaging the enemy and at 40 I retired fully self educated with the blessings of a heap of wisdom, to start a new life, I am now permenantly out to graze, with all I need and more except total good health. But I am Happy.
BTW I like your SHADES, and do something about those Zits. see ya.
Vest said…
Hello Julia. I did visit your blog a while ago and I found the general pattern was based on the sympathy angle and also religeous belief, for which I have little time for. However it was you for no given reason visited me, and I apologise for the content which may have caused you concern however mild and forthright, did note if it was of no concern to you, there was no need for you to reply, however, you did in a nasty manner.
As for your various medical problems, I am sorry to hear about for mine, well I will not bore you with them the list goe on and on and on you see and people dont want to know, I just suffer in silence.
Thank you for the compliment( your ref to me being an idiot)name calling is not conversation but an indication that the user has lost the plot and has not the ability to listen.
There are and were lots of idiots in this world of ours, bush Blair Einstein myself and more. maybe one day you too will join those ranks, Toodle doo and have a nice day. x
Anonymous said…
gee vesty what happened -- that last dame gave you one beating -- i cant see why tho-- saw your stiff upper lip thing-- zed and I were pleased you remained cool--it is ashame that poor lady is sick. but thats no reason to be rude or poke fun either
Vest said…
juliabohemian: Indeed Etc your comment.
Did Vest at any time request you attend his blogsite? the answer is "no"
I can only suggest your case scenario is quoted as... When there is nothing to be said, Some Fool Say's It.
It is a sorry thing you are afflicted with but you are not alone and my friend vest would be the last to take the piss, and he has my deep respect, and believe it, he was my former war enemy in palestine, now Israel. young lady just cool it and have a nice loving weekend with your loving family.
Anonymous said…
to save confusion...I Dave wrote the last comment while vest was in the shower... we are now going to the club to get sloshed and away from all of this stupidity..Burp.
forgot my identity.
Vest said…
juliabohemian: It is such a shame that you have to have to be so persistant with your 'Must have the last word syndrome'what is it you want ? a bucket of blood!! I have bent backwards to console you, with your god given priviledge of imunity from wrongful activity, despite of all this there must still be a lot of good in you, but clouding that there is that sinister vitriolic manic problem that exists within you which erupts on each occasion you are unable to make yourself understood.
Sorry, I am not in a position to help you. There was no wrong doing on my part in the first instance, it was yourself and your own stupid remark. Thank you for your insanitary and insulting remark about my age,500 "Hail Marys" for that one, hardly a miss goody goody are you, should you feel proud about it I can only feel sorry for you. your comment is in the garbage can and any more that follow will end up there too. End of story goodbye.
Vest said…
It is early morning and I have just flushed my liver with a liter of pure water and feel bright as a button, apart from the persistent pain from-- stop. I must not promote my bodily afflictions, the sympathy thing does not work and no one cares a stuff.
For insight to human affairs I turn to Stories and Poems rather than Sociology. This is the result of my upbringing and background. I am not able to make use of the wisdom of sociologists because I do not speak their language.
If you look around you will find a pseudo or paradoxical a/c of my existance from A to about Y (not z yet)but from misfortune to a fortunate life, through self achievement. Sorry no more free copies.
Goodnight all, going to bed, must check the paper early to make sure I am not in hatches and despatches, How dare these people suggest such things.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
i'll run the gauntlet on this one.
Indeed alright, sounds very insistant i'm right your wrong so to speak, now i'm 76 and i'm guessing vest is a octo guy at least, for him to write intelligently after on the grog at 2-30am must make him a tough old geezer. in comprarison the poisonous young tartloves blowing her own trumpet about her med drama. she should wipe herass and stuff in in her whingeing gob wher the rest of the shite is coming from
Vest said…
I am a near octo too Bertie-- you are not nice being that rude to that tart as you called her--vest is asleep in his office bed since about 4.30 this morn-- while I use his computer-- that old sod was one of a boarding crew in the late 40s when was a teen-- who boarded our ship "PAN YORK" trying to get to palestine xmas 47-- nice old sod is vest.....
Anonymous said…
It must be the grog-- I forgot to sign in on the last comment-- sorry

Anonymous said…
Vests wife Rosemary has ordered a cab for me so I shall be home by the time vest wakes-- dont delete them yet--pal of mine-- see you about a ft/nt-- dave
Vest said…
ok, we'll leave it at that, please, no more twaddle on Julia. finish.
Vest said…
Thought for the day.
Vest said…
Summing up the last debacle.
There is nothing so inpertinent, so Sensitive and Foolish, as a vulgar discourse, such as the tirade of the B A C's bilingual speech in English and Profanity.
Anonymous said…
That B A Christian should remember her own teaching s which she forgot-- like love thy neighbour-- turn the other cheek- do not bear false witness and a lot of stuff

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