EASY QUIZ (For Beginners.)

                                               Easy Quiz for beginners.

Quest 1. Name all four British Batchelor Prime Ministers Or any?
Ans. Spencer Compton, 1674-1743. William Pitt The younger,1759- 1806. Arther Balfour. PM 1902-1905. Edward Heath  PM 1970-1974.

Quest 2. Who was the first female Prime Minister in the World?
Ans. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, 1960. Born 1916 Died 2000.

Quest 3. Who was the last Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia?
Ans. Ian Smith.

Quest 4. Who was the last Governor-General of Nth Rhodesia and Nyasaland?
Ans. Sir Roy Welensky.

Quest 5. Who was the first person to leave or disembark from the RMS Titanic on leaving Southampton on her maiden voyage?
Ans. George Bowyer, the Southampton pilot.

Quest 6. Who was the British Navy Captain who lost a leg during the final battle of Ushant in 1794
and has a Pub in Radley Oxfordshire ( His final residence) named after him?
Ans. Rear Admiral George Bowyer.

Quest 7. Famous writer biblical title. My father a Chinese Singaporean doctor and mother English.
Psuedo name and birth name, please?
Ans. 'The Saint'.Leslie Charteris. Birth name- Leslie Charles Bowyer -Ying. Born in 1904.

Quest 8. Who was the first Judge Advocate of Parramatta? An unpleasant person to say the least.
Ans. Richard Bowyer. Ex cashiered and demoted adjutant of the IOM corps, 5th son of Sir William Bowyer of 'Denham Court Buckinghamshire' Adopted by Lord Atkins who tired of him - eventually sent him to the colony of NSW AUS.

Quest 9. Vests Full name?
Ans. Leslie John Bowyer.

Quest 10 Weapon making artisans, who were excused fighting. (Going back a bit) several?
Ans. Fletchers, Arrowsmiths, and of course Bowyers who made the Long Bow.

Quest 11. Unscramble these letters (MISUO) to discover the local name for its country in Europe?
Ans. SUOMI. The country is Finland.

Quest 12. What Cheese is made backwards?
Ans. EDAM cheese (Red wax outer cover).

Quest 13. Britain had three politicians in the 1940s serving at the same time who were leaders of the Conservative, Liberal and Labour parties. within their families, there were similar both male and female given names  2 male and 1 female. Full names, please.
Ans. Clementine Churchill. Clement Attlee and Clement Davies.

Quest 14. MCMXLV, RANI.?
Ans. 1945 Dec start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. 39-foot sloop  Rani; Skippered by John Illingworth, Capt RN. The winner in six days.

Quest 15. What happened in Great Britain on Trafalgar day in 1966?
Ans. OCT 21st Trafalgar day was lost to a far more important happening, A disaster in the Welsh mining village of Aberfan. Google 'Aberfan Disaster' for more info.

Thank you to those eggheads who tried.

email your answers.

No excuses this time, these are simple Questions for ten-year-olds. Answers by  Tuesday 28- April.


Chris B said…
Off the top of my head I can only answer the following:
5. The pilot and his surname was Bowyer
6. The Bowyer Arms
Anonymous said…
You are a hard task master, Vest. I have an answer for 1,2, definitely know 3, answer for 8, definitely know 9, 14 I know the number.
Sorry, but I am an eight year old today.
Vest said…
Andrew. Please Email your answers
Vest said…
EC. A few of my relatives receiving this Quiz are category eight-year-olds plus. their receiving devices are in good order, not so sure about outward info which winds up in the proverbial "Too hard basket"
Vest said…

Chris B.I wanted the full names. You have provided Just half.
Dylan said…
Trivia is never my strong point. History always escapes me!

I do hope you had a pleasant Anzac day though! We had quite a few neighbours out on their driveways.
Vest said…
Dylan. So you struggled with the Pre-decimal Math Question. I thought it would be a prerequisite to becoming a maths teacher. Thank you for your best wishes, I managed to struggle through the day.
Anonymous said…
Ok, the answers are there. 
1. Edward Heath and what did he get up to!
2. I thought Golda Meir of Israel.
3. I knew Ian Smith. 
8. I was wrong.
9.. Yes I know your name.
14. Fail.
Bit of fun, thanks.
Vest said…
Andrew. Thank you for competing. It is better you tried and failed than those who dd not try at all. Dylan my Grandson in the above comment is a Math teacher
ATM CARD said…
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