Words used this week are Stop. Reasonable.Best.Kind. Dragon. & Drinking.

    Confined to one's home can become as boring as a home arrest.
Although I have a * reasonable sized garden to walk within, I have too * stop occasionally due to various obstacles like the ornamental *Dragon and the bird * drinking pond obstructing my path. Due to my being *kind to most creatures great and small has not afforded me the * best area to exercise within. The Govt in their wisdom have decreed it to be unsafe for me to venture forth within the streets or community, so in order to combat any bodily misfunctions due to inactivity, I have ordered an exercise contraption which may solve any possible or further bodily misfunctions but not necessarily the other movement problem which has been adequately been solved mentally.
  To add to my woes I have had an increase in bodily weight since my confinement, plus I am concerned how my mental health will be affected after the Govt Estimated six months to be rid of the dreaded lurgy to wit (COVID-19 restrictions).
   However, I am still with the living; but remember vividly 75 years ago to this very day I came close to copping it full time like many others on that April fools day Easter Sunday 1945 in the Pacific off Okinawa, My prayers were answered that day or was it just plain good luck.

            Stay Safe.  Still here,  Vest Daily Gaggle.


Thanks for also posting your take on the prompt on my blog.
Stay well, stay safe.
Vest said…
Sumer Madaan. Thank you. I have visited your Blog, Your White on Black is similar to mine. similar to the old Blackboard and Chalk ( in the olden days) Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
EC. It is nearly 3am Thursday morning I was in bed for 4 hours but woke with a tummy ache about an hour ago. I am sitting here with Minnie keeping my feet warm - and with a cup of tea hoping something will happen. In any case, I have lots of time on my hands to deal with personal problems whilst incarcerated in the family castle escaping the dreaded lurgy. Stay safe.
Lee said…
Well done, Vest. You're a role!!

It's good to "see" you're firing on all cylinders. Make sure you stay that way. Best thoughts and wishes. :)
Vest said…
LEE. I badly need lots of exercise now my shopping jaunts have gone to pot, plus my fortnightly trip to the club with my size twelve single 31-year-old cleaning lady I am missing as well as the fresh air and the gardening. But it is hard to believe how close my Pussy cat can be, Minnie it seems cannot get close enough and follows me to wherever I sit, at the moment she is looking up at me as if to say "I love you, Daddy". Thank you Lee for calling.

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