Words This week are supplied By Elephants Child.

                                       They are. Body, Night, Black , Cry, Water and Action.

This story is based on a true incident happening overnight within our household.

   I was awakened during the *night about 4 AM by a strange noise which was followed and a *cry of 'Oh No' from my son. Following a visit to the loo, I drank half of the *water from the covered glass by my bedside; My *body now refreshed, I tiptoed down the hall to see that all the lights were on in the family room and my son sitting among the numerous parts of the large exercise bike which had been delivered in a large box the day before.
 The main colour of this contraption was *black with chrome and red instruction panels. however, there were so many parts to the F er blessed thing which had to be assembled and knowing my sons bent for procrastination, despite his aptitude for fixing things, I was fearful of it ever being put together, so on leaving him to his misery, I toddled off to bed.
I was eventually awake at 8 30am but kept clear of him while he muttered and sighed during the *action-packed construction of this Oriental masterpiece. Notwithstanding the fact it may have originated from WuHan which was a worry - although he told me he sprayed the box with quality Woolies disinfectant.
After seven and a half hours this piece of oriental wizardry was ready for *action, it looks quite impressive, and should help my son in his search for weight loss. However, using it for two minutes left me exhausted.


And I have to ask - does your son follow installation instructions? My partner rarely does. This can mean that the air in the vicinity of the construction project has a blue tinge.
I am impressed that you lasted two minutes on the bike - and you surely don't need to lose more weight.
Vest said…
EC. Yes, he does follow his own instructions most of the time and somehow muddles through.
Vest said…
I have decided to plonk this post on EC"s Blog. It does seem to me that people find it a long and arduous journey travelling to the daily twaddle er I mean Gaggle.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Oh dear reading the last comment after a nearly sleepless night will not be the best start for my day. I can only presume the geezer who sent this garbage was a follow up from E C's blog.
I believe this caller should not receive any form of reply and simply ignored. To add to this problem, My walking cane (Stick) is now being used by my son who has so it appears done his back in as he describes the predicament brought on by excess bending the night before when constructing The Excersize Bike.
Last night I was off to bed after a shower and changing the bed linen about 1030 pm. but I simply could not sleep for some hours until I received the signal to go to the loo. from then on I may have nodded for maybe one hour.
The community nurse will be visiting today at 9am to check out a few things bodily, hardly exciting. Maybe my day will improve, it has plenty of time to do so.
A follow up from my blog? I am not sure how to take that. But never mind.
I hope your day improves dramatically.
Vest Daily Gaggle said…
EC. I refer to the anon comment on your recent post which I replied to. In any case, the incident is closed. The anon comment I received will be deleted and so will other comments of that nature. By the way, you are up and about early this morning.
I am always up early. Four is common, and sadly insomnia and pain mean that earlier than that is not out of the question.
Brownie UK. said…
What mystifies me most about Blogging in Australia is, high-end bloggers who write nothing except to apologise for not doing so and still receive accolades of gushing nonsensical scribblings from other out of touch nong heads
Vest said…
Brownie Uk. Are you one of my relatives several times removed who lives under close supervision in the Uk?
Dylan said…
I think the most enjoyable part of this story is the fact that you were woken up at 4am to him building it!
Vest said…
Dylan. Arising from my slumbers during the night is quite a common occurrence. noise from nocturnal happenings can aggravate the situation too. Thank you for your call.
Jane Stokes- Honour said…
Well done you xxxxxx
ATM CARD said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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