Answers to Quiz.

  Do you believe you are smarter than most people, well get stuck into this SIMPLE Quiz? The only failures will be those who do not try to reply.

Quest One (A).  My present country was formed by adding two adjoining countries  during the 1950s
Name and date. The answer - Ghana, 6-3-57.
                  (B).  Who became head of state in this new country? The answer, Kwame Nkrumah.

Quest Two. What are the main sheets in a sailing boat? The answer,  Ropes.

Quest Three. What are the dividing walls on a ship called? The answer, Bulwarks.

Quest Four. What is or was an iron holed Spherical Ball used for? The answer,  They slide along the Flinders Bar on a magnetic compass to correct the variation and deviation of the compass.

Quest Five. What was the nationality of the person responsible for the birth of the port of Kamchatka? The answer, Vitus Bering. Danish, Joined Russian Navy about 1728, he built staging posts from Western Russia to the Eastern Seaboard of Asia. Read about it.

Quest Six. Where would you find Gab Gab Beach? The answer.  I found it on 27 May 1945 , In Guam  In the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean. WW2

Quest Seven. What are the seats on a boat called? The answer, Thwarts. Pronounced - Thoughts.

Quest Eight. On the USA and British naval ships, the after(Stern) upper deck have differing titles. Name them. The answer. Fantail USA, and Quarter deck for British.

Quest Nine. What measurement is 1,800 Meters or Metres in length? The answer. A Metric Nautical mile. , The standard Nautical mile is 2000 yards

Quest Ten. What is the total distance of length when adding the following (Non-metric lengths) of
2 Leagues, 3 Furlongs, 4 chains, 5 Yards, and Six Fathoms? The answer. 2 leagues = 6 miles. + 3 furlongs = 660 yards, + 4 Chains = 88 yards.  Add 5 Yards.  and finally, six Fathoms = 12 yards. The Total being, 6 miles and 765 yards, or 10.35558 Kilometers.

  Answers will be revealed on Tuesday, April 21. 2020.

 Vest. Daily Gaggle.
The British Queen will turn 94 years today. I shall also in another 86 days. We both have functioning noddles.


Anonymous said…
Oh dear. Nobody got any of them right. I did think of bulwarks for walls and quarterdeck came to mind but I didn't know fantail.
Vest said…
Andrew. Go to the top of the class for trying, and thank you for your participation.

There will be another Quiz soon; mainly political & geographical. No excuses next time.
I am sorry. I was both busy and brain dead when you posted the quiz.
Vest said…
EC. I quite understand and accept your excuse implicatively.
Lee said…
Dammit! I missed the quiz, too.

I'm dumb in the all...Question 2 I would have said the fore and aft sails...and I would have been incorrect.

Bulwark came to me...but too late!

The rest left me stumped...floundering in the breeze...caught in the doldrums!

I hope to do better next time...but don't count on it! :)
ATM CARD said…
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