A general knowledge Quiz.

  Do you believe you are smarter than most people, well get stuck into this SIMPLE Quiz? The only failures will be those who do not try to reply.

Quest One (A).  My present country was formed by adding two adjoining countries  during the 1950s
Name and date.
                  (B).  Who became head of state in this new country?

Quest Two. What are the main sheets in a sailing boat?

Quest Three. What are the dividing walls on a ship called?

Quest Four. What is or was an iron holed Spherical Ball used for?

Quest Five. What was the nationality of the person responsible for the birth of the port of Kamchatka?

Quest Six. Where would you find Gab Gab Beach?

Quest Seven. What are the seats on a boat called?

Quest Eight. On the USA and British naval ships, the after(Stern) upper deck have differing titles. Name them.

Quest Nine. What measurement is 1,800 Meters or Metres in length?

Quest Ten. What is the total distance of length when adding the following (Non-metric lengths) of
2 Leagues, 3 Furlongs, 4 chains, 5 Yards, and Six Fathoms?

During the present lockdown conditions, you will have more time to to get stuck into these Questions. Get to it.  Answers will be revealed on Tuesday, April 21.

 Vest. Daily Gaggle. 


Anonymous said…
This is hard.

2 Mizzen? (I really should know this one)

4 Is it like a gyroscope?

7 Hard

9 Furlong?

As you can see by my answers, I didn't cheat.
Vest said…
Andrew. I am aware that you did not cheat, Your answers were deplorable. Go stand in the corner.
Chris B said…
Without looking them up, I don't know the answer to any of your questions.
Vest said…
Chris B. I am not in the least surprised.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
I have no idea for any of these, knowing nothing at all about ships and sea depth measurements etc. For #9 I'm tempted to say a mile, but I thought that was 1.6km. One answer for #8 is a poop deck?
Vest said…
Elsie. Oh dear oh dear. Hold your hand out "Whack" now go and stand in the corner with Andrew.
Vest said…
I am aware that eight other callers have read this post and backed off, ah now it is nine.
The reason for the non-takers is simply because it exposes their inadequacies.
Vest said…
Sherlock. Most of my callers do not have so-called inadequacies, although I am not entirely convinced they will return with the necessary answers. Hope springs eternal.
It is always easier to draw on the storehouse of memories than to find something original to say. Providing, of course, one still has a functioning noddle.
Rozzie said…
The only answer (I think) I know is to Question 9. I remember as a fifties schoolgirl that a mile was 1760 yards long, so since a metre is a little longer than a yard, the answer to Q9 is surely a mile.
Vest said…
Rozzie. Thank you for your near-miss, someone else (Elsie) had a similar answer. The clue to your (9)answer begins with the letter N.
Don't be discouraged, My grandson Dylan (Maths Teacher in Bananaland)Is yet to respond.
Plus a few others whom I thought were smarties.
Vest said…
SHERLOCK. Do you have a Blog In the UK?
Traveller said…
Don’t think the title is appropriate...this is far from general knowledge
Vest said…
Traveller. Get Organised, I have been to your site - it is yet to function. Nothing there at all. Ok answer this Question . Give a title to the cleverest person in any army.
Vest said…

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