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Victorians kept Hedgehogs in their kitchens to control Cockroaches.  A cockroach after touching another creature hurries away and washes.itself.

Patients admitted to hospitals at the weekend are 40% more likely to die than those admitted during the week.

Shark Bay in Australia, is now called Safety Beach. It changed its name to attract tourists, and the sharks are once again very happy.

The human nose can distinguish between 10,000 different smells. A renifleur is one who derives sexual pleasure from smells.Rhinotillex.romania is the scientific term for being unable to stop picking your nose. It is also impossible to Hum while holding your nose.

The game of Ludo was invented in ancient India. and chinese checkers was invented in Germany.

When Josef Mengele fled to Argentina he went through customs with several suitcases full of body parts.
 Iran is the only country in the world where it is legal to sell your kidneys.

PE Teachers were Originally banned from the Olympic because they were professionals. But the ancient Greek city of Megara held a version of the Olympic games which included a kissing contest. Only boys were allowed to enter. However, An Ostrich could run the London marathon in 4.5 minutes.
8,000 years ago Great Britain had so many trees that a Squirrel could travel from one end of Britain to the Other without touching the ground.  Nemophilia Is the love of spending time in all types of Forest.
Oysters change their sex up to five times in one year.  Men are more likely to die during sex if they are cheating on their wives. more than one-third of men using dating sites are already married More than one-third of married Canadians sleep in separate rooms- they should stop eating Oysters too often.
Anyhow, I must go as time flies like an arrow But fruit flies like a banana.

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Dylan Bowyer. said…
Where are you finding all of this seemingly completely different and unique facts!? It's ridiculous.
Vest said…
Dylan.B. Nothing ridiculous about it. You either believe it or not Einstien.
I can hum while holding my nose. Not for long, and not musically.
And I am a definite tree lover.
Anonymous said…
Now developers have named part of Safety Beach as Martha's Cove. I guess the sharks don't take much notice of name changes.
Vest said…
Dylan Bowyer My grandson and Maths Teacher. Here is a Question Just for you. and it is not ridiculous. Your answer please within this comment section.

A soldier who marched at a rate of 120 x 30-inch paces to the minute had to travel 12 Furlongs to arrive at a point where he would be told to march another league to get to his new Barracks.

How long did it take him to arrive at his destination.?.

Sue Bowyer said…
Hi Les

Another lot of interesting facts whether fun or ghoulish, however, I will remember about being admitted to hospital during the week rather than the weekend!
Vest said…
EC. Your eyes would pop if you could hum while holding your nose. mind some Middle Eastern noses may be the exception to the rule.
Vest said…
Andrew. A sign indicating that Sharks are allowed to use the beach area Between 10PM and 5AM may help to make swimmers aware that a danger exists.
Vest said…
SUE B. I believe there is an obvious reason for this anomaly, and that is in most cases violent and drunken activity and weekend car accidents help to jolly up the casualty numbers admitted to hospitals. x.
How times have changed! Mengeles traveled with body parts in his luggage, and nowadays, we can't even carry a stupid bottle of shampoo.

More interesting stuff! Keep 'em coming. :)
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vest said…
My Math teacher grandson failed the test I gave him. Or failed to reply.
The Answer is.
!One League = 3 Statute miles,!2 Furlongs ! and a half miles total four and a half miles. It would take One minute to March 100 yards. a mile being 1760 yards meaning the same number of minutes divided by 60 would give you I hr and 19.2 minutes to cover the distance. However, if he was smart, he would have caught a Cab.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. Checking in with your luggage can be frustrating, having to remove my belt and trousers sagging whilst hanging on to other articles. very confronting those Airport Fascists.
Dylan said…
I apologise for the delay, I've been busy marking assessments!

I did it just now without looking at your answer:
I'm not familiar with Imperial measurements; but I googled a furlong to get 7820inches. So 12 Furlongs is 93, 840.
Divide 30 and you would have ~3,128 paces. At 120 per minute, that's about 26 minutes 4 seconds.

*** Looking at your answer, I guess I have the wrong conversion ratio!

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