It is Christmas Card time again

It is this time of the year when you drag out of that special drawer in the cupboard marked XMAS. In it, you will find a long list of friends and relatives who you deem worthy of a message of worthiness like love health wealth and happiness etc There is also a long list of those loving people whom you sent cards to the previous year and a Tick beside the names of those who sent a meaningful message to you.
This is where the bastardry starts, you say to yourself how can I reduce the problems of writers Xmas card cramp?. It is perfectly simple because I like a lot of sensible people will have bundled the last batch of Ho Ho Ho's together by elastic bands. these are placed on the table together with Two different (some cheap) Xmas cards you intend sending to those you received Jollities from the previous joyful year. 
By the time this brain exhausting exercise has been completed, you will find that the list has hardly diminished.  We have lost some by the will of God or have moved interstate or have no more interest in pursuing you for love or money. and then you have the newcomers who will be on your list for years to come. Not forgetting those who will appear for the first time this year most who send late and receive a reply in the new year.
The main reason for writing this load of gobbledygook is that I will have to reduce my blogging to accommodate this extra activity being I shall not be calling on your blog as often as I would  wish to( it doth seem that due to a lack of callers on my blog the XMAS card Madness has started earlier than even I have envisaged. 

Vest... daily Gaggle.


I have largely stopped sending Christmas Cards. Take care of yourself, and please don't tire yourself out.
Vest said…
E C. You are far more sensible than I. I pander to the majority to keep the peace
BTW. You have racked up more than twice the number of frequent caller points to my blog than anyone else. Elsie is 2nd on the list. Thank you for your kind words.
Good for you! It seems like most people have stopped sending cards, but I'm still hanging in there, too. Our list is a lot shorter than it was fifty years ago, so it isn't quite the ordeal it once was, but I still enjoy reaching out in this small way.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. It would seem that there will be ample opportunity to get through the Christmas card maze, because of the cancellation of delivery of my national newspaper on Dec 7 Pearl harbour day All deliveries will cease that day the newsagent has deemed it too expensive and I must make my own arrangements like calling at the shop two miles distant.
I usually spend up to at least an hour each day reading my newspaper. oh well, I suppose life will go on. Thanks for calling.
Lee said…
I bought a pack of Christmas cards yesterday. I've still got a couple of cards left-over from last year...and from the year before, probably.

However, I will get the pen busy during the next week or so.

My list these days isn't lengthy...but the same old usual suspects who have stuck with me throughout the many, many years will not be forgotten...nor will I be from their mailing list. :)

There is something heartwarming receiving cards through the post...
Vest said…
LEE. I have 31 cards already to be posted half of them overseas. I was thinking of posting them this morning but my son has to attend a meeting so the car will not be available, in any case, the thunderstorm for the past two hours has now ceased and I have to find ginger who is outside somewhere, Minnie is curled up around my feet scared stiff, maybe things will start moving this afternoon. thanks for calling.

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