The words this week Are                                                         OPERA. RECOMMEND. CHAMPAGNE. EXCITEMENT. SUNSHINE and JAM.

                                          An evening at the Opera.

It was during the eighties when my wife Rosemary and I attended our first Opera- a Gilbert and Sullivan "The Mikado". The tickets had been provided free gratis by a well-heeled business associate; However, The hire of the pretentious costumes was a wallet killer.

Rosemary my dear lady wife could hardly contain her excitement. Still, in her forties, she loved  to flirt a little and loved to be told she was pretty as she really was without a doubt despite mothering five sons

We had previously attended a champagne party in air-conditioned comfort but travelling along George Street in busy Sydney on a hot day in a traffic jam was something I would not recommend especially in a Taxi with faulty airconditioning
However it was mainly a great day, and to see my Rosemary so happy, made my day.
Women are the decorative sex, whatever they have to say, they say it charmingly.

Vest Daily Gaggle.


Vest said…
AND THEN THERE WERE NONE..... I suppose it had to happen eventually
Elsie Hanlin. said…
I like the way you use the words in a real life story. I remember seeing The Mikado too, I'm a big fan of Jon English and went backstage after to get my programme autographed. Sadly I accidentally threw it away several years later when clearing out random accumulated stuff.
I do hope this is a true story. Even if it isn't, love for your wife drips from every word. I know you believe you were a lucky man to have her in your life, but I think it's safe bet to say she felt equally as fortunate to have you in hers.

Great use of the words!
Vest said…
Elsie. Thank you for your comment, I shall be popping over to your blog shortly.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. Rosemary an English Rose and I met when she was nearly Eighteen. we were Married when Rose was 20 and I was 27. She travelled by Ship to Singapore and we were married in Johore Bahru in Malaysia June 20 1953. our first born Christopher arrived sept 23 1954. Rose went to heaven on May 8 2017. Rosemary was a joy to be with at all times.
Andrew Andrew B. said…
Nice read Dad. :)
Vest said…
Thank you for calling number Four Son.

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