Overnight Catastrophe

       Last night during the evening a large dark coloured pussy cat made a near fateful move by straying onto our property. On its arrival Minnie our female puss scooted indoors and sought the comfort of her daddies lap for the next two or so hours.

      At daylight on entering the large covered deck outside of the front door was a scene of catastrophic chaos. At first it seemed that Ginge our hairy doctored Tom Cat had come off second best during the overnight fracas with the dark invader. however, scattered around the decking were a couple of dozen wads of Gingers hair, but yet again a nonconclusive descision as to who was the victor was altered to favour a slightly thinner ginger Mog who sat proudly close by to the victors spoils, a torn tartan plaited cat collar with bell attached; the former property of visiting dark invader.

Goodonyer ginge.

    Vest .... Back soon.


Clever Minnie.
Glad Ginge is ok.
Cathy said…
Moral of the story - never cross a ginger tom on his home turf!

With the introduction (many years ago) here in Victoria of overnight cat curfews there seem to be fewer and fewer nightime wanderers.
Also we not seeing the daily sight of some poor 'flattened' puss cat road kill that we used to

I know not everyone follows the rules......in place because of lessening numbers of small native animals that cats seem to be attracted to.......however the two points above are a good sign that many do.

Take care
Anonymous said…
Fort Vest defended. Job done.
Vest said…
EC. Ginge is feeling a bit touchy at the moment, probably nursing his battle wounds.
Vest said…
Cathy. Ginge is decidedly an outdoor cat he ventures indoors occasionally for food he has an aptitude for hunting; his main territory being under the back shed - a proven host for field mice. His earlier years were nomadically followed by the snipping tool and partial domesticity. he is decidedly a friendly bloke.
Vest said…
Andrew. Ginge has been awarded the highest feline gong. The 'TC With Scar'.
Alley Mog. said…
Ginger Youse is de big puddy top cat . Luvs ya you mangy rat catcher, Smoochesxxx
River said…
Ginger cats are pretty tough I've found, must be something to do with being a redhead.
Lee said…
Those redheads are a fiery lot. I should know....my late mother was a natural-born redhead! :)

Pushkin, my much-loved cat I had before my present two, Remy and Shama came into my life and I into theirs, was ginger. He was a beautiful boy. And, I still miss him. I miss all the cats I've been lucky to have had in my life.
Vest said…
River & Lee. Shortly after arriving in Aus,1971 my family adopted a stray Russian Blue tom with few teeth - Old and homeless, named Sooty, he passed on in 1983. Shortly after sweep was adopted as a kitten; sweep passed on with assistance due to kidney failure in 2004.
Then we fostered another sweep who was owned by our youngest son they both reside in Queensland.
We now have Minnie and Ginge both strays-both about ten years of age, very affectionate.

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