Remembering our 65th Wedding Anniversary

     Rosemary & Les; were Married at St Christophers  Church in Johore Bahru, Malaya on this day  65 years ago,. Rosemary was nearly Nineteen and I Les nearly twenty-seven.

    .Although Rosemary left to go to heaven in May last year, her presence remains with us constantly.
                                                      LOVE YOU ROSEMARY


Anonymous said…
Happy Aniversary Dad hope your well, love you Tim
Christine said…
Hi Uncle Les I would say Happy 65th Anniversary but without Auntie Rosemary it’s not so happy is it but I’ sure you have many happy memories of the years you spent together
Auntie Rosemary was the kindest most caring person in the world and saw the good in everyone.
I know how much she loved you and all her boys
Enjoy thinking of her as I’m sure you do every day and have a few tears for her too, it’s still hard to believe she’s passed on but she will always be with you and I’l bet she wishes she could spend today with you
Sending all my love to you Christine xoxoxo

Andrew B. said…
Andrew B says "nice DaD '
Andrew C said…
Time helps I suppose Les but you must miss her, especially on such days.

I didn't realise you married in Johor.

Best wishes,


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