Words on Wednesday, Camping disaster.

     Words today are  Attitude. Uphill, Insight, Lessons, Upheaval, Canopy

     The whole parody of this event was proposed with little *Insight of what could possibly *Occur Should things not pan out to the expectations of our dimwit leader Mr; Fizzy Spain who led our motley mob of inexperienced campers towards the distant hills.

      Each of us carried a part of the camping equipment on this mostly uphill seven-mile trek. although it was a moderately sunny day, the forecast was not all that bright.

      The poor * attitude of the inexperienced twelve years old novice campers, whose lessons on camping had been avoided mainly through much info leaking from previous disastrous camping expeditions from the school had already start to fester after each rest stop the motivation to keep going was not at its best.

     Eventually, after several stops, the motley group of exhausted boys arrived by the brook at the foot of a hill and washed in the clear pristine waters, before erecting a canopy over the cooking area and the accommodation tents. It was also about this time when the sunshine disappeared and doubt about our dimwit leader became set in stone when the drizzle turned into a downpour swamping the *Canopy and uprooting the tent pegs and sending the tents down the hill to float away in the brook.

     On seeing this, our bugle boy sounded the 'Retreat', then we the defeated trudged wearily back to the comfort of our wretched school but a more comfortable bed.

This sad tale is yet another of many unwritten bad moments at my wretched naval boarding school.not to be mentioned in my memoirs.
Happy Camping. Vest .... back soon.


Lee said…
Thanks for your contribution, Vest. Thanks for participating. As always, you've told a great little tale. You always capture the reader's interest and attention. :)
This matches my memories of camping (albeit with parents) all too well.
Great use of the prompts Vest.
Cathy said…
Hello Vest
I can just visualise those poor little lads out there in the drizzling rain muttering under there breath as school boys do. A long trudge without a happy ending - well apart from their own bed that is. Did you get a hot meal or was that washed away as well?

Which school were you at? The Ipswich one or Pangbourne? I had a cousin (sadly dec'd long before his due time) who was at Ganges - not quite the same as your place - but following his father's footsteps. His father George Benfield was lost at sea when the submarine P38 went down in 1942.

Take care
Andrew B. said…
Hi Dad, :).
Vest said…
LEE. The generosity of your appreciation is overwhelming, Ta.
Vest said…
E C, I try very hard to avoid discomfort at the best of times. Thanks.
Vest said…
Andrew B. Thanks, But more chatter would be appreciated, get to it son.
Vest said…
Cathy. I recall that escapade which was in 1938 before the WW2, I was at Watts Naval Training School, Nth Elmham Norfolk. from Wed 16-12-36 until Mon 7-1-42. My naval training proper was at HMS St George, Douglas, Isle of Man, for approximately One year. following the school debacle. Yes, we did take a packed lunch but my sandwich had been devoured long before our arrival at the campsite.
In 1986 my wife and I travelled to the UK with our youngest Son aged then 19- who remarked on seeing the cemetery' most of these boys interred here are under twelve's.' ' Yes ' I replied, Only the strong survived.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
Treacherous weather is one of the main reasons I will never go camping. Good story, sorry it's a true one, but you lived to tell the tale :)
Chris Bowyer said…
Reminds me of my last camping trip with my dickhead brother Tim (who wasn't a dickhead then) and my girlfriend at the time Ruth's son Shane who also turned into a dickhead. Not to mention that even after splitting up with Ruth (she ran off with another man). I still kept in touch with her for over 30 years, including going to her mother's and her lovers funeral - until my mother passed away last year and she didn't come because she had a dental appointment, despite raving on how much she loved my mum. Seems I am surrounded by idiots. Anyway, back to the camping trip (remember the camping trip?). Took everything required but forgot food and water. Luckily everything fell into place. Found a water spring and later caught a massive flathead (fish) and found a portable griddle on the beach to cook it on. Lucky too that I am a smoker or I wouldn't have had a lighter to start the fire to cook it.
Vest said…
E H. My first camping trip at Toukley N s w, during the summer of 76 was a disaster,. It rained as soon as we arrived, and was still raining when we packed up and went back home several hours later.
Vest said…
UK. Yes, I have a great recall to most of your previous disasters, thanks for calling.and reminding me.

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