Cricket Lovely Cricket.But nothing to sing about.

Words for Wednesday are provided by LEE this week, however, I shall be posting them on my blog when an opportunity exists between outages of our wonderful internet provider. The words this week are as follows.
                Stellar. Resourceful. Frivolous, Revelation, Catastrophe, and Perspective. 
                                           The third ODI.
      If by chance you are an American or not a British Commonwealth Cricket loving person, most of this tale of woe will fall on deaf ears.
      I like most Aussies and ex-Brits would be interested in the tale of woe which sadly befell the depleted Australian cricket team Yesterday on the 19th of June. Mind you the English team was also depleted of two of its regular players, and the Australian team by three top players who were convicted of ball tampering earlier in South Africa- put into perspective simply not just frivolous but downright cheating. Most of us now know about this revelation which has depleted our Australian team. However, a stellar batting performance by the England team became a catastrophe for the underpowered Aussies despite their winning of the toss for the third time and gaining an advantage by asking England to bat first and so have better control of the game.
       Although Australia failed in the two previous games, we Aussies got whacked by a more resourceful England team. Not only did those cocky Poms(English guys) beat their own 50 Overs international record of 444 runs, it was quite a substantial increase, now standing at 481 runs. This was achieved on a playing surface with an average of around 275  per innings
       Hope springs eternal. Maybe tomorrow will bring better times for the Aussies in the fourth clash.
  COME on Aussie COME on.
     Vest ….. Back soon.


Despite my British heritage and my Australian birth, cricket is not something I am interested in. At all.
Loved your use of Lee's prompts though.
Lee said…
Oi! Oi! Oi! The Aussies will bounce back. The South African team (and spectators) weren't entirely blameless, either, in the ball-tampering debacle.

You used the prompts very well, Vest... up-to-date, current...well done. :)

Thanks. :)
W D. said…
Fair comment no nastiness, nicely worded.
Vest said…
E C. You kindness shows no bounds.
Vest said…
LE. The Oi! Oi! Oi! fits well with the Aussie Aussie Aussie. However, The original Oi! Oi! Oi!, was chanted by the Devonport Naval Field Gun Crew., but now defunct. so it will be OK to use it if you wish.. You have my permission. Thank you for your kindness.
Vest said…
W D. Thank you. Also, WD if you have some WD 40 lubricant you might pop over and lubricate the Aussie Cricketers. Thanks for calling. WD, wondering. Who is WD ?.
Vest said…
Lee. Oggy Oggy Oggy - Wikipedia
The Oggy Oggy Oggy chant and its variations are often heard at sporting events, political ... The Devonport marines are still associated with the song which they ... The 'Oggie, Oggie, Oggie' chant was used by supporters of the Royal Navy's ... Team. (The field gun competition was disbanded in 1999 after a hundred years of ...
Oggie Song
OGGIE SONG. This is perhaps the most used of all the Naval dit's is the 'Oggie Chant'. Now firmly adopted by the Devonport Field Gun Crews along with its ...
Vest said…
Oh dear Oh Dear, Once again Australia win the toss and decide to bat on a perfect pitch.
Result Aus 310- 8.after 50 0vers. England 314- 4, after 44 overs, England win again. How sad.
Vest said…
Australia wins the toss five times on the trot and fails to control any of the games ana lose the series 5 nil.

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