Words on Wednesday.

                                        This words for this week have been selected by LEE.

                                            Comedy. Shadows. Loss. Rainbow. Emotional. Heart.

My story goes like this. Who decides whether you should be happy or not, the reply is you do.

      A television Comedy* celebrity had as a guest on his programm an aged gentleman in the *Shadows of his life. And he was a very rare old man indeed  His remarks were entirely unpremeditated and as well as being unrehearsed, they simply bubble out of a personality that was radiant and Un- *Emotional and happy., and whenever he said anything, it was so naive, so apt, that the audience roared with laughter. They loved him, The celebrity was impressed, and enjoyed it with the others and was at a *Loss to understand why his *Heart was so full of happiness and his smile likened to that of a * Rainbow.

    Finally, the celebrity asked the old man why he was so happy."You must have a wonderful secret for happiness," he suggested.

     "No," replied the old man," I have.no secret,  Its something I do every day early in the morning, the earlier the better." he explained, " I have two choices - either to be happy or unhappy and what do you think I do?. I simply choose to be happy, and that's all there is to it."

      Vest says. "Let yourself shine and don't compare yourself with anyone."

Back soon.



Big, big smiles.
Thanks Vest. A lesson we could all take on board.
Lee said…
Wonderful, Vest...absolutely wonderful...a bright ray of sunshine. :)
Elsie Hanlin. said…
"Simply choose to be happy" is what I do most of the time. I do still have a bad day now and again when things go wrong though.
Vest said…
EC. That old guy full of mirth would be difficult to encounter these days.
Vest said…
LEE. Despite my efforts to be happy from sunrise, memories get in the way and there are more than just a few times when sadness takes its toll but usually after a while I get on with the practical things concerning every day living. but not for long, then another session of lovely memories.
Vest said…
Elsie H. I tried very hard to be happy this morning but several things got into the way - the electric bill a doctors appointment and the pussycat being sick on the tiles near the front door. I postponed brekky for awhile.
Cathy said…
I'm hoping I come across a happy old fella like yours who will brighten my life today Vest.
Volunteering in an aged care unit one realises that on some days they are few and far between.
Some men can be just obnoxious- certainly not making the right choice each morning!

An older man features in my WFW - you can find him Here

Take care

Vest said…
Cathy. Thank you for calling on my blog. Yes it would be difficult to find a happy soul in aged care, my wife Rosemary was a happy soul but at 82 passed on after only two days in a local nursing home. I first met Rosie when she was 17 and we were married when she was 20 and I at 27 in June 1953, in Johore Malaya having travelled by ship from England, We have five sons 12 gr/ C & 14 G&GG children, Rosie was my Best friend ever. besides being beautiful.
Cathy said…
Singapore + Malaysia (as it is now) are favourite parts of the world for me Vest.
Being an airforce brat (father in RAF) wandering is in my blood and I plus my airman husband spent nearly 3 fabulous years in the Far East during the early 60s.
Although it has changed enormously since then any chance we can get to visit we take it

There used to be a beautiful Orchid Nursery and Garden in Singapore up near the causeway to Johore Bahru - it was moved to bigger (better?) grounds but to us it was never the same.

And what a lovely coincidence that the happy lady in my WFW story today was also called Rosie

Take care
Vest said…
Cathy. I have spent more than an hour trying to post a comment on your blog without success. have given up, but will try again later.
Although Rose and I lived both in Johore Bahru and Singapore collectively over 48 months I myself had previously visited Lion Island (Singapore) several times and later during my naval career plus some 70 other countries some several times.
I remember the standoff between Lee Kwan Yew and Tunkal Abdul Raman in the early sixties. settled in favour of Malaysia when the water pipes across the Causeway were turned off.
So many more memories. My eldest Son is my carer, Chris is 63 and born in the BMH S-pore, he has four brothers.
Andrew B said…
Thanks Dad ill give it a go :)

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