Facebook again.

The boring untruths of facebook

     I don't care a hoot if I insult you because you are a facebook moron, it is about time you long time users and losers were told the truth
     Here I shall give you a few reasons not to like Facebook any more full stop.
    First of all, Facebook is always watching a sweaty old middle aged bimbo or dirty old geezer whose only interest is immorality and depravity; take your pick. It is also a source of anything likely to be of little use plus a guide to future depravity for the unemployable school leavers expanding the dole queues.. The predators mentioned watching and recording everything you like or desire and everyone's info you have recorded, yes everyone you have ever visited..
     The face bookman keeps are not simply filed away under I bet you wish we were not watching you so closely, your news feed is based on this info All of your past love trysts and agony plus the latest fleeting romance, as well as your online history, is used to sell you stuff too.
     Most people I have read on Facebook who are not celebrities always seem to be on the beach sunning themselves with their latest Spanish or froggy Lothario, others are renovating their newly acquired mansion on the Gold coast or some other upmarket area. and lying about enjoying the company of their half dozen offspring and cooking food few people have ever heard of. Maybe these people have won big on lotto and given up on work, or some were devoted in their Quest to find the end of the Rainbow; found it and moved there
     Facebook is constantly experimenting with you, They tally up the info you have revealed and use it to sell you more stuff you really don't need. The only way I can see Facebook being of any face value is to forget about chasing the approval of others, simply share the things you have enjoyed with persons you may believe would enjoy them too.

Vest...Back soon.

"Sweet as fragrant roses 'Tis to have a friend, on whom in gloom or sunshine we know we can depend"


I don't play FB. Never have, and doubt I will sign up anytime soon. I spend more than enough time on line as it is.
Anonymous said…
I can only say, keep your circle Facebook small. Mine is mostly family, with only a few trusted friends, about 40 in total. Take away the English relatives of my partner, it would be about 25.
Vest said…
EC . My son set up an FB page for me a few months back.I had a few calls but was very rude and ignored them. I have no F B interests.
Vest said…
Andrew. I leave all Facebook communications to be dealt with by Chris my son I believe they are in the main relatives and old buddies.
I joined Facebook some years ago for one reason only... to see pictures of our grandchildren, because unfortunately, that's how our out-of-state children and grandchildren prefer to correspond. But I don't care to spend much time on there, because I loathe the misinformation and political garbage that's so abundant. If I post anything, it's almost always something funny. Then my hubby joined, and he actually enjoys looking through the muck and whatnot, so he saves me the trouble by alerting me to any new pics of or info about the kids. Win-win.

However, there is ONE facet of FB I enjoy. The groups. I belong to numerous groups, some comprised of people who grew up in our old hometown, another of people who graduated from high school with my hubby and me, several groups of writers and editors, some of amateur radio operators, etc. With the groups, you NEVER find inappropriate garbage like you find on FB at large. To be honest, I don't spend much time on any of them, either, but when I do, it's always enjoyable.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski.First of all, allow me to thank you for visiting my Blog.
My first facebook adventure goes back to 2005 and it was a complete disaster.
About that time a Canadian Lady? wrote a post on Facebook in a very explicit language on her blog 'Kill the Goat'. It put me off completely.
My son Chris has a facebook page but he is not into blogging; simply relatives; Not meaning they are simple Ha Ha. But as for persons of my age with whom I still communicate with by telephone or greetings card, most of them are older than myself and not computer competent their ages being in a range from 92 to 96. My dear wife for 64 years recently passed on at 83 I was 8 years her senior. I too have a large extended family both in Australia and in England Where I migrated from in 1971, I had previously visited Australia during WW2 while serving with the British Navy.Thank you for calling.
Anonymous said…
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