April 1-Easter Sunday-All fools day.

       The Date you see in the header is one of rare occurrence. Many of us will not notice this triple phenomenon unless it has had some significant meaning during their lifespan.

      The years on which this has happened during our lifetimes were in 1923 - 1945 -1964 - and now in 2018. Unless someone is fibbing about their age and remembers it happening in 1888 Or Tommy Turtle from the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific ocean.

      My first experience of this date being significant happened in 1945 during WW2 and the second time when returning home on Easter day from the West Indies while with the Royal Navy on HMS Ceylon.  However, the time that I remember most of all and in 1945 was probably the most illuminating occasion. The second time was during a 'Cushy' two year shore posting in Hong Kong with my Family

      April 1.  1945 Easter Sunday All fools day, 'Operation Iceberg 1'. This had nothing whatsoever to do with Icebergs; simply put a code name for the US and British Pacific naval fleets Which was put into full swing that day during my Eighteenth year. The main activity started early that day when the Americans invaded Okinawa. Several US ships were lost and weeks after the final capitulation of the sons of Nippon in the wash-up. oddly no British ships had been lost Although many had sustained hits - particularly the five British A/C Carriers which fortunately were built with Armoured Flight decks.The only Humour attached to these activities was the remark made to our Admiral CinC  Sir Bernard Rawlings came from the lips of Admiral Nimitz US Navy. who remarked " Whenever a Kamikaze hits a US Carrier its a six-month repair job in Pearl harbour but you lucky British guys it's "Sweepers man your brooms."
 I also remember a few friends who did not live to see another Easter day.

 Vest. A crew member of the Battleship HMS King George V 1943 to 1947.

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I have never noticed the synchronicity of the dates before.
I am quite sure that you often remember those who didn't see another Easter, Christmas Day, home-coming. As we all should.
Anonymous said…
It is a late Easter this year. Can Easter be later? Running the Easter formular through my mind, I think Easter can be in April.
Vest said…
ANDREW.Yes, it certainly can, in fact, it has happened 319 times since the year 1700, which includes the twelve times it has occurred on April 1st to date. The next time for April 1st will be 2029,2040, and 2108. The latest date for Easter in the future will be April the 24th, Only once has it occurred on April 25 and that was back in 1943.

Not bad for a screaming Athiest.I hope this will resolve your Ecclesiastical enquiry.

I am currently watching the demise of Oz Cricket Getting tired watching thinking and typing in one go. I'll call on you tomorrow if I wake up in time. Thank you for your comment. Happy Easter.
Vest said…
EC, I hope the explanation I have sent to Andrew will concur with your wonderment over the Easter Dates, Happy Easter. Tired tired . zzzzz 1AM
Vest said…
Andrew> Correction. Due to being tired I realise I have made a mistake. Of course, it is 319 times but 87 of those years Easter will fall in March Allowing 232 days within 300 years for Easter in April. Mind Boggling.
Vest said…
Andrew. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon in a Northern Hemisphere spring.

By ecclesiastical rules, which fixes the date of the equinox to March 21, the earliest possible date for Easter is March 22 and the latest possible is April 25. There are 35 dates on which Easter can take place. There won’t be another one as early as today’s Easter Sunday (March 27, 2016) until 2035 (March 25, 2035).

The earliest Easter in the 21st century came in the year 2008 (March 23, 2008). Another March 23 Easter won’t come again until the year 2160.

The last time Easter fell on March 22 (earliest possible date) was in 1818, and the next time will be in 2285.

The century’s latest Easter will occur in the year 2038 (April 25, 2038). After that, it will next fall on April 25 in the year 2190.

My mind is all of a Boggle. This will be the final info regarding Easter ... vest screaming *^#(#!*^arrrgh. Andrew, I hope you absorb this info as you will be asked questions about it later on.

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