Ghana history. The Gold coast and Togoland join to become Ghana Wed March 6 1957

    These two former  West African colonies of the UK were granted independence. Representing the Queen and Great Britain was Admiral Sir Varyl Begg and the crew of the six-inch gun cruiser The HMS Ceylon and its crew of which 'yours truly vest was a member. On my part of the celebrations, it became a fiasco which I recall with some amusement which does not include the speech from incoming President Kwame Nkrumah. There are. excerpts from"Waving Goodbye"  my Memoirs obtainable now only from Amazon. Unfortunately, I have run out of stock  ISBN 1-4120-3384-5.

Back soon. VEST.


Anonymous said…
While I have read your book, and thank you, I can't remember the bit about Gold Coast and Togoland. I expect it is also covered in my terrific book, The End of Empire.
Vest said…
Hi Andrew. Refers to Page 166 Chapter 37. also page 195 chapter 48. Also should have mentioned Ashanti as well as the G Coast and Togo.
History is often a complicated beast, and I always love the personal touch. When my unread towers diminish I will track your book down.

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