Words for Wednesday. The Dirty Trick.

Today's words are.  Tarmac, Whine, Lobby, Vestige, Dither Spark.

     This is my Story, It goes back to the war in the Pacific closing to its end in 1945.

        It had become like a routine for both the Allied ships of the Pacific fleet also the Japanese suicide pilots who like their predecessors were waiting by their planes on the tarmac in the islands of Miyako Shima and Ishigaki group of islands.
         Today was to be different, and very early in the day at first light, I was able to calculate that 'Something Different'. I spoke to the navigator who had stepped out from the bridge lobby with a smoke and coffee, saying "how far are we away from today's target area" " About the same as usual " Say's he.. I replied " One doesn't have to be a bright spark to  notice the whine of the carrier planes now taking off are using additional fuel tanks and this has me in a dither wondering why, that there is hardly a vestige of truth in your statement sir with my apologies for doubting your word, how come the extra fuel tanks?. his reply was " I can't say now  but we are expecting a day a bit different than is usual
          " Flying stations were ordered over the Tannoy speakers of our large Battleship The flagship of the British Pacific fleet of some seventy ships a quarter the size of the US fleet. The gun crews closed up and prepared for any outcome The norm would be to expect the Kamikazes within the hour or so.following the Allied planes back to the A/C Carriers, the Carriers being the prime target for the Kamikazes.but why the day was to be different and eventually all of our planes returning and not one enemy plane sighted?
           Later in the day, the following information was leaked. The extra fuel tanks were dropped over the  target area together with bombs etc and on leaving the area to return to the carriers the Japanese planes followed and they only had fuel for a one way suicide trip to heaven so to speak ran into trouble when the Allied planes corrected their 45 degrees diagonal course away from their destination thereby doubling the return distance.
     Little is known about the outcome simply because the Japanese planes couldn't get to our ships or have enough fuel to return to their bases.  ... Daily Gaggle.Vest.


Vest said…
My action Station on the Gun direction Platform was to correct and monitor lookout reports sight them and as a result, would be directed to the AA guns, It also meant never losing sight of the target which would become frightenly larger in a few seconds and lead to many brown trouser moments.
I have no doubt about the brown trouser moments.
And can remember reading a kamikazi pilot's letter to his family. Sad and bad.
Vest said…
EC.It is difficult for me to form an opinion on the fate of the Japenese pilots. of course, the had family too. However, my family had no idea where I was and what I was doing on my approach to my nineteenth birthday.

I am not feeling too well at the moment, I shall go to bed early. Thank you for calling.
I am sorry to hear you are not well. Take care of yourself. Please.
Vest said…
E C. I slept well last night. twelve hours.
messymimi said…
War is awful, every time, from every point of view. Necessary if you are attacked, but that makes it no less awful.
Lee said…
It's impossible for anyone who has not been in such situations to begin to imagine what it would be like.

Your use of this week's words deserves praise, Vest...so I give you praise. :)
Vest said…
LEE. Somehow the Japanese got wind of this dastardly trick by the brits and was never again successful. but in the washup, it was decided that a great deal was saved on ammunition and cost of human life apart from those of the Japanese who were already written off from the beginning.
Vest said…
Messymimnl. Unfortunately, we were not attacked, and the Japanese pilots run out of Gas long before reaching their target all of those sons of Nippon went to a watery grave which was not unusual but without being mangled beforehand.

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