What fairies ?

Words on Wednesday

     Misstep.Ponder. Volume.Crib. Split.& Brilliant.

The following is either a Fairy story or a concussed dream.

    Fairies respond to kindness and will communicate with those who share their ideology and are willing to tolerate their existence. I never cease to wonder and ponder over the peculiar stories about fairies.
     Fairies come in all shapes and sizes and callings; such as Elves Goblins Gnomes. However, it was a few years ago on mid summers day when I was putting away the garden tools back into the shed at the bottom of the garden and the Sun was going down when suddenly without warning  I misstep onto the garden rake 'Clonk, 'After the rake hit me I heard odd laughter of low volume coming from below the Gooseberry Bush where I saw an unbelievable sight of a baby Gnome in a crib being attended by several lady fairies each holding a small but brilliant light.
     The remaining little people were now split up dancing in couples around the Fairy Queen when I asked her"How long has this been going on", The Fairy Queen replied " We only gather here at Midsummer, then we have our own fairy world to administer." I then asked what sort of employment do you have. The same as you' she replied But as we have reached call up age we now have to register for national service and will not be back for at least another two years. I am sorry to hear that I reply and which branch of the services will that be' The Queen replied The traditional National ELF service.
It was then I heard My wife saying " why on earth are you lying there in the dirt kissing that garden rake.? 

Vest Daily Gaggle. Back soon.


Lee said…
Of course! We all know there are fairies at the end of the garden path...one goes for a wander down the path a few times a week to visit with the Fairy Queen who eagerly awaits such visits.

Fun story, Vest! :)
Either way, I choose to believe in fairies.
Smiling. Thank you.
There are not only fairies but Naked Ladies in our garden. And of course I mean (probably) the plant.
Vest said…
Thank you LEE You are so generously kind with your replies. and I love them.
Have a great Easter.
Vest said…
ONLY S Confused. I am so pleased that I am not alone when believing in Fairies. Have a nice Easter.
Vest said…
EC. Oddly you should mention N Ladies. I once went to do a job at a house when I had been given the Keys. The owners Sister had called shortly before I arrived and was totally naked sunbathing in the back garden. I crept back out and knocked loudly on the door. Fully dressed she stated she was glad I had called and she was getting a little red from the sun. I did not tell her that I had noticed. An eye-popping day indeed.
Red Head. said…
Did vest get Irritable thingy syndrome when perving the naked Lady?
Vest said…
Redhead. Given that the perusal was minimal so were my emotions.

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