I suppose I shall have to reveal all.

Several people have asked recently"Is that you' in the Black & white Pic on your Blog Heading."
   Yes it is me. However, the pic was taken by a friend while being very silly by taking a swim from 'Little Sober Island' in Trincomalee  Ceylon (SRI Lanka) not at all clever was the silly thing which followed, when I chased this very large Black and yellow Eel in the shallows and eventually spearing same- bagging it and taking it back to the ships galley plonking it on the bench and saying to the Chinese cook ; "here you are cookie boy get stuck into this for your brekky.". What followed was sheer panic' You Stupid SOB it's a bloody great Deadly sea snake Say's cookie boy , one bite from him you gone mate.'" fortunately it was deceased when I threw it overboard but the silly stigma stayed awhile. one of my critics suggested if it had bitten me they would get a day off to attend my Funeral.    PIC Vest 1960 Aged 34

Back soon.


Anonymous said…
It is a good photo, in a Putin sort of way. Very amusing about the sea snake.
Vest said…
John Gray. Thank you for your Comment. I have spent the last half an hour reading your latest post on your blog. After losing my dear Lady/Wife of 63 years I understood the BURTON sounding comment of Mr A.
Vest said…
Andrew . OK but what is this 'Putin' label you have imposed on me? surely I don't look like a Vlad.
Lee said…
lol That's an eel of a story, Vest! Thank god you didn't take a bite of it...and vice versa!!!

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