Subject .Muslim Demographics

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Subject: Muslim Demographics

BloggerVest said...
Well I did my bit for the non Muslim world by producing five sons, nine grandchildren and four great grand children.
Anyhow within two decades I'll be long gone.
Didn't someone say the Jews will inherit the earth, I cant see it being the meek.
Men will be the winners, particularly those who at present are controlled by their women.
Women will become virtual slaves to males under Sharia law. Mind you men will not be permitted to go shagging around willy ninny and getting pissed up will be taboo and smokes will become history. and Jesuit Tony Abbot will be preaching the Koran.
Things like the xmas ham raffles, pork roast, bacon butties, ham and eggs and pommy pork pies 'ALL Gone.' Saturday arvo stonings of unvirtuous women will replace the footy and you will be expected to get on your knees and pray between overs at the test cricket and all umpires will be Pakistani or Bangladeshi. an aged Abdul ric bin ponting will head Oz Cricket played in  crescents not ovals named after such noteries as Saladin , Bin laden, Mohammad, Saddam and Gadafi.
Life as we know it now will be history, Until the 'New Christian revolution, perhaps...perhaps..


           Vest. Have a thoughtful day.


WALLY. said…
Shag now or pay later. said…
looks like all christian or non moslems mus have at least nine sprogs to keep ahead of the towel heads.
Vest said…
jane your blogsite is a non runner.
Vest said…
It is now a month away from winter Where I am in NSW OZ, and have turned on the fan being it has just touched 32C on the wall thermometer
Rain is forcast for tomorrow but I doubt that it will rain.

Anonymous your comment was not at all nice in fact it was so disgusting it had to go.
There is no way I would reply to that talk, Muslim or not. know I'm Muslim, don't you? Cos you talk to me on my blog...
Vest said…
G G: I am a no can goist. I am not into faith at all, I get more prodding from faith addicts than I prod them, I only reveal the facts as i see them.
Now would you now proceed to a previous post of mine, It may benefit your attitude. You need to read all yes all of the comments to get the full picture. thanks for calling to my blog x.

Archaic Muslim Extremists Firebomb Christian Churches
Vestie, there are too many angry men in the world as far as I'm concerned.

My attitude is actually one of being positive, helping others, trying every day to do something to help someone, even in a teeny-eeny small way [I live in a poor country]. I try not to impose anger or personal beliefs on others. I hope that's a good enough attitude..?

One day, I will write about what a Jamaican taxi-driver told me about hate. He had more wisdom in him that most educated men.

Vest said…
Well bully for you GG. Firstly get off of your high horse and and stop moralising, you hardly know me. I am not generally an angry man as you pointed out, anger can be expressed by anyone who has a reason to be angry, anger is not always seen or heard and its the anger sometimed suppressed that when uttered in a voice of defiance or protest it can verge on violence. I live within a democratic freedom omovement and speech society, i am a moderatley educated person mainly through my own perseverance and not by the under priviledged system I was born into, any achievements if any have been self motivated.
You say you live in a poor country.
well get used to it or leave like I did. Poverty is experienced in all communities, those who dont have it serve those who do;so it seems, did you read all of that which I requested you to read, particularly the last few comments. Anyhow have a lovely day like I have had today.x.
Vest said…
Too bad that all the people who know how to run a country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair.

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