Singleton Waterhouse stoush, lousy losers

Its a must win at all costs when it comes to dodgy deals in the racing industry. Crooks abound in plentiful hordes, there is dishonesty running like blood through the whole system, and mug punters provide it , Poor old much divorced and petulant serial bad loser Singo; lost a race which was a dead cert  winner, but his trainer and her dodgy booky son according to Singo passed the word around that Singo's nag was a non finisher and surprise  surprise it finished second last. Singo does his nut (nothing new about that) remembering the Ralf Nader v Singo TV stoush in the early eighties, Singo's Rudeness to Ralph Nader a U/S corporate advocate was enough to take the show off air.
However, the whole stinking mess last week at Randwick will be unraveled by hordes of hand rubbing Ambulance chasers familiar with racings dirty dealings.
OK so you are not a mug punter, well here is the first lesson you will learn at a race track, it concerns a simple math equation which in the hype and excitement to lose your hard earned you will fail to notice. There are only three paying out windows to every ten paying in windows.
Owning horses at any level is hard on the pocket, only Frenchmen have succeeded in making a buck from failed racing nags, by turning them into snags pies and good old tasty lasagne, nothing like a juicy stallion steak.

Vest  Back soon.


Vest said…
Not expecting any comments on this post being most of those reading this are so frightfuly smart and knowledgable.However, following another op tomorrow I shall be busy and will not be too plussed with blogging, was at hospital three hours today for pre admission, on the slab about 3pm tomorrow.
Back soon? Vest

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