Most Sons are bludgers. Some Daughters too.

Mothers and fathers are slaving in the home or working overtime to support the bone idle bunch of layabouts we call children, and Males are the worst culprits mostly school dropouts from sixteen year olds plus. it hurts more when looking back to an era that most people have forgotten , when at thirteen few options were available in the workforce on leaving school unless  your parents were wealthy and you were afforded an education befitting a well paid job or profession. myself on leaving  a charity boarding school at fifteen point five years and sent to the Royal Navy was not my idea for my future, but there was no option and to date the RN is paying approx 20 %. of my earnings..
A local study showed young adults  in NSW Australia and possibly all of Australia rely heavily from the support of their parents who in most case are stupid enough to allow their namby pambying of their bone idle offspring  to squeeze and bleed them dry.  A six month stint in the militia would cure most of these arseholes. Another alternative is to lock them out on a cold a frosty day which would send them scurrying to the job market
.In 1983 we had three working male adults  in our home called sons, each paid their mother  $15-00 weekly for total keep, they all howled when told it should be raised to twenty five bucks,  so I suggested they not give us any more money for their keep plus we Mum and Dad would give them an extra $100 each and thereby give them total control of all the A to Z aspects of running the household apart from business expenses. . some of your major concerns will be the following
Mortgage, power and telephone,bills, Food and other shopping expenses, also cooking, cleaning
 and all miscellaneous household chores plus the mowing and gardening. and the cost of the 'Pump Out' which will stop you having 15 minute showers.
The problem of the extra payment for their keep was soon resolved.


Vest said…
More yes messages from Aggie in New Zealand, Christine in Kent Eng, LDL Sydney. Joanne NSW, Amy in Swansea.Thank you for your replies.
Davoh. said…
Yep, no problem here ... always interested. Can't always promise to have satellite switched on .. but hey, who gives a shit?
Well, me, once a day; but doubt that anyone would be seriously interested in the bowel movements of this crusty old nutcase on the verge of hermitage ..heh.

However, just in case you are interested - the hernia OP went well, and teeth stumps are disappearing at the rate of two per week.
While there's not exactly what i would call 'pain', 'tis a bit tender, and am am grumpier than usual :<

Oh, have i mentioned that the Jackaroo blew a head gasket (or so am told) the other day .. so am having to divert the "toy" funds from remote controlled helicopters to real life motor vehicles fer a week or two .. heh.

So, apart from being a bit wet up this way (only 150ml over 3 days) .. all is well.

Malcolm. said…
Hi Les & Rose,
Hope all is well with you all. Yes please continue with the messages . we may not reply very often, but we think of you all the same. I hope all your scares are over now, and you are keeping in good health. We will be getting out in the motorhome soon, so that will hopefully signal the end of the worst of the weather.
June & Malcolm
Dylan. said…
Yes, continue. I still will rarely comment, but I will read.

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