Will Coles follow Woolworths Supermarkets beef scandal hunt. .

Woolworth's supermarkets will investigate any possibility of  their Beef products being any other than the genuine thing. Read today's Sydney Daily Telegraph Delivered daily to your door For $ 6-90 weekly.
Some of the dodgy concocted items to have a sqizz at I have listed below.

Kentucky Derby Beef and Horseradish, 450 g cans.
Melbourne Cup Pies.
Randwick beef rissoles.
Happy Valley Beef & Noodles.
Canters Saddle of Beef.
Knackers yard stew.
Fetlock brawn.
Neddies Ribs.
Mares tender rib eye steak.
Harness beef patties.
Gee along Curried beef.
Newmarket steak and Onions.
Grand National steak and jumping beans 450 G can.
Canter berry Prime Rump.
Horsham Lasagne.
Cheltingham beef Chitterlings.
Geldings extra large beef and spicy sausages.
Ascot Derby steak and kidney puddings.
Winners Rib Roast.
Prime stallion steak.

This is a supposed or contrived list of dodgy products, one never knows how this trade in horse flesh will spread, Hopefully the powers that be will sort out this nefarious activity.
Has your dearest been Nagging more recently? that should make you check out your groceries.
Is there some way that the differences show, I have been told beef has white fat whereas Gee Gee is Yellowish.
Are there any other Gee Gee products you are aware of. Let me Know.

Vest, Calling from the NSW Central Coast track in Budgewoi where the going is heavy. Have fun, back soon.


WALLY. said…
I might fancy a filly fillet steak.
Anonymous said…
Braised chump end of horsetail is my mums fav. give you a stable flavor
C A, USA. said…
For starters I fancy a stablilised horseradish flavored slice of rare mare neck, and neck soup.
Vest said…
Had a phone call today from an old geezer with a Yorkshire green grass type accent; said his name was perce aloysius or horse is delicious hard to tell when your hearing cracks up, he was telling me that a donkey sanctuary where he lived had half or more of the hee haws taken away because of the lack of food due to the weather,
the owners are tight lipped about their final destination he jokingly suggested several places where they would be sought after in the pie and mincemeat industry. after questioning him several times he said he would call back again at a later date and rang off.
As for myself I shall revert to southern fried for any comfort foods I find necesarry to indulge in until this horsing-around stops.
Vest said…
The starving swag man and his dog Bob were exhausted having not found work and the nearest town miles distant. he and Bob had not eaten for days and he decided bob was his next meal.
After a few days in recovery the swag man filled his bottles from the creek and a few bits of
Bob in his tucker bag was headed off to the next town. as the swaggie was leaving he looked down on the pile of bones and say's "What a waste, Old Bob would have loved them bones".
Vest said…
Last night on Foxtel I saw the OZ Chef Luke Nguyen eating roast DOG at a village in North Vietnam. the dogs entrails had been cooked in a pot, they had the ghastly appearance of thin grey coloured sausages, 'YUK'.

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