Yes, It is still summer here ?.

Miserable day today, woke at 5 30; from the window all that could be seen was rain and more rain , Strange how running water makes one want to go, from the bathroom window I could see 'Ginger tom' looking wet and bedraggled by the shed lean to, the randy sod never gives up.
Went back to bed - seemed the most sensible thing to do  woke again about 7 30 her indoors brought me the paper which was full of crap about thugby league, car sales and whats on if you wish to venture forth to the local club venues, after a modest brekky of cereal and tea, the weather being what it was like cool and very English sort of cricket test match weather and not wishing to go shopping the fridge produced a myriad of bits and pieces which were used for today's din din , a quarter of a chook left over from yesterday plus heaps of lean chopped bacon and six 45mm mushrooms a very large onion two carrots a stick of celery, two turnips the chopped stalks of the broccoli and a finely chopped tomato adding  a large heaped teaspoon of Keens curry powder plus   a chicken oxo mixed herbs and a quick shake of garlic salt combined - stirred into a two litre lidded glass dish with 1.5 cups of filtered water, cooked in the m/wave for ten minutes then added the gravy powder cook another ten Min's.  fortunately it tastes quite pleasant , but due to the bacon it is not Hal Al or Kosher
Forty years ago in Sydney Pig meat was more expensive than Sheep meat and there was a substitute for Ham in the form of smoked leg of hogget  meaning smoked ewe meat or older sheep, it was kosher and halal  possibly? not sure. Today we have pork in its cheapest forms about about half in price to best lamb. so as the saying goes
"Get some pork on yer fork you dork.".
Vest Back soon


WALLY. said…
So dodgy beef is not on the me and u.
rosemary said…
Peculier ingredients but ok. at least it didn't contain GeeGee.
Vest said…
Thank you Jane Stokes-Honour for being first to answer to my mail out.It meaning the message, was sent yesterday to 78 people.
Vest said…
Thank you David for your call in reply to mail out

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