Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. ????????.

The Movie Remake of the Jules Verne schoolboy story is soon to start in Australia. ?.

It is well known among people with a brain that the archaic distance titled a League  when converted into Miles will read, Three miles, So assuming some halfwit is going to travel 20,000 leagues, his converted distance would become 60,000 Miles. So if the distance between the Core of the earth being approx 7,500 miles and the shorter journey (not the Diameter) is only one Eighth of 20,000 leagues or 60,000 miles (see diagram) his journey would take him into outer space.
                                                                                         <60 20="" leagues.="" miles="" nbsp="" or="">
Assuming these are earths OOOOOOOO. So traveling in a lateral or vertical direction the Jules Verne adventurer would travel through EIGHT Earths.

Doesn't make sense or am I missing some obscure technical detail with this cock and bull yarn. Vest back soon.


AMY.. Swansea. said…
Vest it is a complete waste of time and energy communicating with Australians most wouldn't have read Jules Verne or have any idea what a mile was in distance or a league.
Probably the walking distance of a rugby league pitch, anyone following that game would be devoid of intelligence. although they could tell you how many Kilometers it was to the nearest pub.
Wombats drivel. said…
How times change - but stay the same. Yep, yer missing the point. I do have TV these days and the scripting remains the same. Adventure and imagination. It doesn't really matter what the "logical" story or "facts" are ...... everyone (hopefully) "knows" that . Self remains fascinated with both the original TV series of "Star Treck"; as well as the TV series with "Jean Luc Picard' (Patrick ??) (ah, memory fer details fails ... heh). Dunno about the 'later' series ('Voyager?') with the female 'Captain'. Bad scripts.

Dunno about you, Vestie - but some of us, um, 'younger' people never, ever - experienced the "adventures" you did during real life "war time" - so "imagination" is our only (perhaps ersatz) experience of it; and refuge into imagination.

Hang in there Vestie,
Davoh (Womby's Drivel)
Davoh said…
Ok, will try to comment directly -to Amy Swansea.

Australians are not all that stupid - HAVE, in fact - given the 'scientific' community many "breakthroughs" that are never "publicised".
Vest said…
Passport Say's I am an OZ, but not enough for gold card.
Davoh said…
. ek, was, actually, referring to the "scientific" and "engineering" enterprises.

If ya got a problem here, Vestie - wank ya local member ... wry grin.
Davoh said…
. ek, was, actually, referring to the "scientific" and "engineering" enterprises.

If ya got a problem here, Vestie - wank ya local member ... wry grin.
Davoh said…
Given Amy of Swansea's cynicism; has she ever heard of Alexander Fleming?
Davoh said…
.. not only that .. there are many "engineering" and "social" innovations that Australian citizens have given to the worldwide community.

If you want the list - ask me.

Otherwise - am sure that your local search engine will provide some of the answers.
Vest said…
With it has to be the real thing.
Not read Potter stuff, dropped out on Star Wars too; not sorry.

Will presume Amy is from Swansea In Wales U/K not N S Wales OZ.

Our eldest 50 plus is an avid Doctor Who and Red dwarf fanatic. he also fixes my P C.
John Simpson. said…
Dear Rose and Les, just a brief note to say thank you for my birthday card,

Sorry I have taken a while to get back to you but Deb and I were away in Snowdonia for my birthday so I didn’t see it until we returned.

We had a lovely ten or so days away in Wales, the weather wasn’t as bad as you would imagine, we even had some sunshine on a couple of days (we also had snow on one day!) and it was great to be back in the mountains.

I am looking forward to early retirement (at the end of this week) so will become a man of leisure, for a short time at least.

I hope that you and all the family are well and that you aren’t suffering too much in the Aussie summer.

Best wishes


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